A new french land cruiser (titre francais) un nouveau croiseur terrestre francais

add this vehicle or one of its variants? (rajouter ce véhicules ou une de ces variante ?)
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  • no (non)

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We’ve had two new French super-heavy tanks, but there are even more super-heavy and huge tanks on the way
what are their names ?

The FCM F1

a monster weighing 139.5 tonnes!
1.5 tonne less than the German E-100

Only 1 prototype was produced and 12 others were to arrive in 1940 but production was interrupted by the seizure of the plans and the destruction of the factory by the Germans.

Builder: Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée
Production: 1 (12 ordered in April 1940)
Type: fortification attack tank
Crew :9 (commander, gunner x2, loader x2, machine gunner x2, driver and radio operator)

Length:10.53 m
Width:3.10 m
Height: 4.21 m
Combat weight 139 tonnes or 140 tonnes

Type Laminated steel
Front (body): 120 mm
Side (body): 100 mm
Front (turret): 100 mm
Side (turret): 100 mm
Rear (turret): 100 mm

Main armament : One 90 mm L/50 Model 1926 (en) gun (88 shells) (rear turret)
Secondary armament: One 47 mm SA37 model 1937 anti-tank gun (100 shells) (front turret)
6 Hotchkiss 8 mm machine guns (coaxial and flank)

Engine 2 Renault V12 KGM engines
Total power: 1,100 bhp (809 kW)
Electric transmission Alsthom type
Suspension Vertical coil springs
Road speed 24 km/h
Power output 7.9 bhp/tonne
Range 200 km: 24 km/h

unfinished variant
Its front turret was a 47 mm high explosive rate-of-fire turret with a coaxial machine gun for neutralising infantry vehicles. A second version of the front turret was planned, again with an 8 mm coaxial machine gun - carrying a 75 mm barrel gun, with hollow-head and explosive ammunition, for an anti-tank and self-protection version.

Rear turret
The rear turret was a 90 mm anti-aircraft gun, with a high rate of fire of 12 rounds per minute, firing 10 kg shells at 845 m/s. This explosive armour-piercing ammunition was designed to explode 100 milliseconds after piercing, blowing up sections of reinforced concrete, neutralising personnel and detonating casemate and armour ammunition. The standard 90 mm calibre 50 AA (anti-aircraft) fragmentation ammunition, capable of reaching an altitude of 13,000 m, could also be carried on board. A second version was envisaged, of 105 mm, this time as fragmentation ammunition.
Sans titre
why add it?
there’s a saying in france “never two without three”.
this tank is here to compensate for the arrival of the tog and to challenge the maus and the E-100 and to add to the fun of the french.
and the French are champions for this type of vehicle because we could add the

and again, these are playable versions that can be implemented in the game.

good luck tanker


versions francaise

nous avons connu deux nouveaux char super lourd francais mais il y a encore plus de char super lourd et enorme
sont nom ?


un monstre pessant 139.5 tonne !
1.5 tonne de moins de E-100 allemand

1 seul prototypes fut produit et 12 autres devait arriver en 1940 mais la production fut intérrompue par la saisie des plan et la destruction de l’usine par les allemands.

Constructeur : Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée
Production : 1 (12 commandés en avril 1940)
Type : char d’attaque de fortifications
Équipage :9 (commandant, tireur x2, chargeur x2, mitrailleur x2, conducteur et radio-opérateur)

Longueur :10,53 m
Largeur :3,10 m
Hauteur :4,21 m
Masse au combat 139 tonnes voir 140 tonnes

Type Acier feuilleté
Frontal (caisse) :120 mm
Latéral (caisse) :100 mm
Frontal (tourelle) :100 mm
Latéral (tourelle) :100 mm
Arrière (tourelle) :100 mm

Armement principal : Un Canon de 90 mm Modèle 1926 (en) L/50 de 90 mm (88 obus) (tourelle arrière)
Armement secondaire : Un canon antichar SA37 modèle 1937 de 47 mm (100 obus) (tourelle avant)
6 mitrailleuses Hotchkiss de 8 mm (coaxiales et flancs)

Moteur 2 moteurs Renault V12 KGM
Puissance 1 100 ch (809 kW) au total
Transmission électrique type Alsthom
Suspension Ressorts hélicoïdaux verticaux
Vitesse sur route 24 km/h
Puissance massique 7.9 ch/tonne
Autonomie 200 km: 24 km/h

variante non aboutie
Sa tourelle avant était de 47 mm explosif haute cadence de tir avec mitrailleuse coaxiale pour neutralisation de véhicules d’infanterie Une seconde version de la tourelle avant fut prévue toujours avec mitrailleuse 8 mm coaxiale — emportant un canon de 75 mm à barillet, avec munitions à têtes creuses et explosives, pour une version antichar et d’autoprotection.
Tourelle arrière
La tourelle arrière était un 90 mm, d’origine d’artillerie antiaérienne, haute cadence de tir à 12 coups par minute, faisant feu des obus de 10 kg à 845 m/s, munition perforante explosive, devant exploser 100 millisecondes après avoir percé, pour faire sauter les pans de béton armé, neutraliser les personnels, faire détoner les munitions de casemates comme de blindés. La munition standard de 90 mm, calibre 50 AA (antiaérien) à fragmentation pouvant atteindre 13 000 m d’altitude pouvait également être embarquée. Une seconde version fut envisagée, de 105 mm, cette fois en munitions de rupture.

pourquoi le rajouter ?
il y a un dictons en france «jamais deux sans trois»
ce char est la pour compenser l’arriver du tog et défiée le maus et le E-100 et pour rajouter du fun chez les francais
et encore les français sont champions pour ce types de véhicules car ont pourrait rajouter le

et encore la ce sont des version jouable et implémentable dans le jeu

bonne chance tankiste


I 100% want the FCM F1 in the game, I’ve been wanting gaijin to add it for awhile, yes the armor and turret armor is great on all sides, Same speed as the Maus, Requires a small village of 9-12 to operate it. We have the 2 armaments in game, the 47mm is on Lorraine 37L French army, And the 90mm is on Emile bertin in the French navy tech-tree. The 47mm can pen the front of a tiger that’s not angled at 100mm. The 90 mm on the other hand from my own research only had HE and HE-TF to use, but i could be wrong, that’s why I don’t mind the possibility of aphe or sapbc for the gun like the post said, but considering the time the gun was made it would have a pen around 110mm sloped at 90 degrees at 100 meters, but I’m just guessing don’t take my word on it. A couple of issues I see is how to balance it, I would consider putting the br around the 4.0 to 6.0 area. The front sloped armor is the same as the arl-44. A lot of tanks from other nations tank will have problems and some can still easily easy pen it a ranges and up close, And it can do it back to them. Its also going to have the same problems as the char 2c and Maus, Being massive and slow, But those can workout sometimes while being a super heavy tank, It can take a hit that would usually destroy other tanks and survive a few bombs. With the power to weight ratio of 7.9hp on the tank means its going to reach its top speed pretty easily, reverse fast and barely lose any speed going up hill, making it more maneuverable the the Char 2c and the Maus in some way’s. Some info given on websites are inconsonant that is why i put 9-12 crew cause it seems right. But other then that, It would make a fine addition to my collection and the tech-tree, and be a fun tank to play. But some people are going to say “WhErE’s ThE tWiN 20Mm Aa?”. My brothers and sisters in Christ, It was never designed to have AA. Just look at the only picture we have of it and see why. you probably play to much R.u.s.e.

Landships are going to be some of the most fun vehicles in this game. +2, one for each turret.