A lil question for yall

Would you like to see the cv90 mk IV in the game?


Sure, why not?

Suggest it.

Of course, assumed there was already a poll for it after all this time

btw is this just for the Mk4 with the D-series turret or also the normal turret? Not sure how much difference there is but assume D-series has more protection

After a quick look, realized there was no poll for it and i was just hoping there was
So many CV90 variants and no polls for them, a sad moment

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I had already, alongside the cv90 t-ghost and its been accepted

Do you think gaijin would add it with a 40mm cannon or a 50mm cannon (the 50mm cannon reloads at 0.3sec and the supershot apfsds penns 440mm)

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the armor protection on the turret front is classified, all we know is that it can stop 30mm apfsds.

Haven’t heard about any mk4 with a 40mm, think the options is either 35mm or 50mm
In which case, of course bigger is better

You know gaijin, so its surely gonna be a smaller caliber since its not a russian vehicle

nah, just give it the 50mm and put it in 10.3
it should obviously be fighting the 2S38