A hint for mac players ~ I finally found where is the Replay folder!

Well first of all it was a great pleasure when I found out WT released Mac version finally. The game runs super fluency on my Mac with M1 max chip.

However I met the problem that I cannot find the Replay folder while I want to share one of game to my friends. In Application folder I can only find the WarthunderLauncher and under it there’s nothing related to Replay.

But I can find the replay in game for sure so it means the replays has to be some place locally.
After I dig it for a while, I finally found it. Here is the step:

  • get into your Application folder in Finder, find the Warthunder Launcher, then click Show Package Content

  • then you will see something like this under your Contents folder, see there is another Warthunder application in it !!

  • now all you need to do is to Show Package Contents of Warthunder app

  • then you will see something like this, and voila, all your .wrpl replay files are under