A half philosophical take on the existance of Hungarian BTR-80 and other soviet machinery in italian tree

Hi, This is long but i appreciate you reading it and leaving your thought so i don’t think i’m completely insane. there was no short way to explain the hungarian suffrage.
before i got to this point and went full mad it’s necessary for you to know I fully upgraded csaba, CM52, turan I, zrinyi II, turan III, leopard 40/70, 2S1, M109g, zsu-57-2 and lastly the hungairan btr-80 all in order i mentioned them and in the past 2 weeks.
there are multiple issues with hungarian/soviet vehicles in italian tree that are simultaneously annoying me and no it’s about the same tired and old argument of them being evil and unnecessary. i’ll number them, please read in order, it might help.

1- italy itself is a tree full of vehicles that play different compared to your main stream “just press w” tanks in ussr usa or ger or have weird characteristics like pretty much all of its wheeled vehicles, italy is not a tech tree that is in need of weird and quirky vehicles, it has more than enough of M109s and leopard 40/70s already, instead it is starving for the “just press w” type of vehicles. in fact if gaijin is interested in making italian tree more playable by a broader category of players then it is a requirement to introduce more vehicles that enables you to turn half your brain off when playing the tree.

2- hungary was the gateway to add the “just press w” vehicles in the italian tree, but in hind sight gaijin completely got it wrong and added even more vehicles that requires you to play passive/supportive, flank, hide, etc. etc. in other words be always on your toes and hold your breath over surviving every single encounter with even the weakest enemy vehicles on battlefield. thank god hungarians themselves put a good gun on a good chassis during ww2 so they couldn’t ruin tier 1 to 3, but the pain begins with 2S1 and the pain i’m talking about peaks at btr-80, the kind of pain you can’t stay silent about, the kind of pain that makes your blood boil.

3- (number 3 is about how i felt about btr-80, jump to number 4 if you want) good god this piece of trash is the worst vehicle in the italian tree by far and probably in the soviet tree too. it takes incapability, inability and non new player friendlyness to a whole new level.

  • amphibious
  • speed
  • it’s aesthetics since italian tree is known for its wheels (it has 8 wheels, like centauro tovorishi)))).


  • terrible armor
  • terrible slow firing 30mm
  • terrible shells at its br of almost full teams of heavy tanks.
  • terrible ammo count, only allowing 150 shells of its best kind.
  • terrible steering with only front 4 wheels turning for it’s massive size and sausage style of body you almost never get out of harms way in time because of this weakness.
  • terrible smoke granade design as it explodes too close to your “tank” and it blinds yourself.
  • only 3 crew members on top of a mountain of short comings leaving you with no error room.
    an unbelievably GARBAGE vehicle through and through. simply a symbol of gaijin’s misunderstanding in the direction the hungarian tree should have gone.

4- fully upgrading the 4 vehicles 1-2S1, 2-garbage-80, and the 2 zsu (i haven’t even begun researching zsu23) makes you wonder, hungary as a part of the warsaw pact, a proper member of the ussr led block with ample access to soviet equipment many of which were directly used by hungarian armed forces in hundreds including t-34-85, IS-2, T-54, T-55, T-72B, T-72M1 got some of its most handicapped, hard to play vehicles in game (aforementioned 2s1 btr80 zsu57 zsu23) and apart from T-72M1 non of its main stream soviet era tanks, but finland a country that had and still has nothing to do with ussr/russia has access to ONLY main stream tip-top best of the best and “just press w” arsenal of ussr maybe apart from pt-76 in game. from T-28 in its respective br “just press w” to the 34-85, t-54 and t-55 “just press w”. doesn’t that frustrate you? isn’t that maddening to think about? and gaijin wants more people to play italian tree… guess what? any one with even the slightest clue as what is fun and what is suffrage will choose to play a finnish T-54 over a hungarian BTR-80.

5- idk maybe devs knew the italian tree’s vocal minority will give them a hard time for adding soviet vehicles to hungary so they wanted to give hungary something more unique and in turn we got all the soviet leftovers (albeit it’s thanks to that local minority that italian tree didn’t turn out like the swedish tree, swedish tier 3 has tanks from 6 different nations in it), or maybe it was all along their plan to give hungary something different from finland so both trees don’t feel the same but again tough luck for italy because swedish tree got all the “just press w” vehicles with finland solely becuz swedes got their sub tree sooner than italy and devs weren’t paying much attention about that at the time.

6- over all it is illogical to see a warsaw pact member be on battlefield with a pt pt pt-80 and a non-aligned finland with all the easy mode soviet machines. despite our best efforts they have already added the soviet vehicles in italian tree and we know they will not reverse this decision, at least let’s encourage them to add a few “just press w” soviet vehicles instead of all the baggage weight we have as the hungarian sub tree. hungarian sub tree was added to italy to support it in line ups and by bringing in new players but it feels like hungarian tree above 6.0 is more of a liability than an asset. italy is the one helping hungarian sub tree rather than the other way around, smh…

again want to remind that if there is ever a non-soviet option in a specific br i’ll take it over anything soviet like a pnather over 34-85 or italian m47 over T-54. but if they are hell bent on adding more soviet vehicles, let it be something useful and not more trauma.

i guess tldr is give us hungarian panther and tiger, italian leo1s and m47 and if not please 34-85, T-54, T-55 and no more handicapped-80 and zsu-suff-er.


That is funny.

You got the point.

This is what playing Italy does to a mf

I hate how more and more trees are becoming the same, or need to become the same in order to be viable.

You forgot to mention BTR-80A is handicapped to have only 1 APDS belts, like any soviet and chinese APC, IFV in game. All while anyone else has it unlimited.

Nvm, sorry.

Simple remove hungary and add to sov tt

It’s almost as if… Many Russian vehicles are overperforming so much that some nations are forced into Copy/Paste just to be competitive against them.

As if… Russian Bias really does exist.

Oh wait, I already knew that.


Because Gaijin long ago outgrew WT’s progression organizational structure model. But that is okay because it works with their goal of creating infinite grind er… I mean playability.

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The italian BTR-80 is the most fun I’ve had in the game in a long time, however, I am also a france main, so our opinion on what’s fun may be different.

However, I have a ton of fun just poking things until they die, while being largely invulnerable to machine gun fire in a rat vehicle. BTR-80 might as well be the rat king.

above the ww2 Hun stuff and below the T-72 it is indeed a huge cockup. No HU SPAA, no soviet SAM system that HU used, and no Tigers and Panthers that were used only by Hungary besides Germany. No upgraded T-series tanks with Hungarian ERA on them…its almost like zero effort went into that part.

There were pages of historical reports that somewhat fixed the ww2 stuff, even tho shell types are still missing. The Lynx is still a laughing stock due to its artificially nerfed Spike and APS system…

But hey we should be happy because it could have been worse. I hope that in the future the addition of useful tanks and such will make the BTR and the 2S1 side characters.