A control changed and I can't change it back

When I first installed game and playing ground battles in tank, after getting into main gun, the right mouse button would zoom the view in. It also acted like a toggle, click RMB, zoom stays, click RMB again, it goes back to normal view. Then, next day I log in, now I have to hold RMB down to get the zoomed view. When I left off the button it zooms back out. How can I get it to act like a toggle again???

Maybe try to look into config.bkl or something like that, open it with notepad and try to look around or search it with ctrl+F.

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I take that back, there are multiple “zoom” settings in several .blk files, but no idea which to change or what to change them to

Check the setting under “Common”

I think the one you want set to right click is Common > Zoom Camera

That is what I have, and it does zoom, but the issue is that it does not act like a toggle. I have to hold the right mouse button down to keep the zoom. Previous, I would just click the button and it would zoom (without holding the button down), then click it again to zoom back out. I want that “toggle” functionality back.

Hmm… I have no idea for that one. Mine is toggle I think and I have no idea where the setting for that it. Only thing I can think of, is that there is a second setting somewhere also assigned to right click

No, it is the only setting using right mouse, I looked through everything.

IIRC there’s a control somewhere for each button to define whether it operates on a single click, or requires to be held down??

Or am I thinking f a different game… it’s in either enlisted or WT, or both!

Looked for that, but don’t see anything…but…I did figure it out!

It has nothing to do with the settings in WT…it was my mouse software. I have a Steel Series Rival 3 mouse. It was a setting in the the mouse software, lol.

I just built a new system and loaded WT before I installed the mouse software. I was planning not to use that software as it’s bloatware big time and installs a bunch of crap I don’t want, but the Windows mouse settings just weren’t cutting it. When I installed the steel series software, it defaulted all the settings and one of those defaults was setting the right mouse button such that it had to be held down instead of a toggle function.

So, all is good.