A bug with bombs

There is some kind of bug for bombs where when I try to throw one for example 1000kg from Fw109F8, it seems as if the bomb sinks to the ground no damage, nothing. Discovered this firstly in the Japanese campaign in the DLC, mission Second Wave. Any idea why is this happening and am I the only one since, a player noticed my bomb going “dud”.

so nothing?

I can see the same issue on my device. Firstly i noticed it in naval battles with Swordfish aircraft, then after i played with some new planes it started to occur again .Then i have tried to change conditions such as fuse timing, weapon setup change, or to change aircraft.And it sometimes worked but mostly just left the aircraft and disappeared after reaching ground.

For me it turned out to be bug caused by applying the same key bind for torps and bombs which in this case was spacebar

Yes. Thank you, it works well now.