A bug where you cannot save controls in the game on Steam Deck

This is a problem specific to Steam Deck Controller. I configure various controls related to tank and aircraft but as soon as I log out of the game it changes keys and binds them to the D pad. For example If I bind X key for thermal sight after exiting and then entering the game it will automatically switch to X + D pad Up etc. This is a big headache and makes the game unplayable even though the game is steam deck verified and it shows it is fully compatible.

I guess it is a bug that can be resolved by the game developers. I bought the steam deck for this particular game only and it sucks that I cannot play. There are many others like me on YouTube who have this same problem.

PS: Also saving controls to the disk does not help.

I would like to know from Game devs if they are aware of this problem and whether or not they are working on it?

Hello @JACK_REAPER_007,

Could you please submit a bug report on this issue on our bug reporting platform?


Making sure to follow the guidelines and upload all required files and information.

I am sorry but I dont see an option to select steam deck under platform tab. Could you please bring this issue to the knowledge of the concerned department?


Just select Linux as the platform as the Steam Deck runs Linux. We need a proper bug report with all the relevant files and information to forward any issue a player might come across.