A bug of tech tree about grind new vehicles?

its appeared sevel time that when i finished current vehicle’s grinding, the game didnt ask me about if im gonna buy it or which is the next vehicle im gonna grind, lucky that my rp didnt disappear, but im afriad about that

Have you disabled the autopurchase or something related to notifications?

I’m sorry, never had this issue before, I can’t help much.

Sometimes the game forgets steps in the process. Especially in Naval.

i disabled the autopurchase about modifications, but i think it wont have influence about vehicles, i just afriad that my RP will disappear or gaijin ban my account on the grounds of exploiting in-game vulnerabilities

It won’t. The only reason to have autopurchase mods off is if you don’t want to finish spading something for some reason, like you are a weirdo and like to have the same numbers across all the trees in your player card or something.

The game will sometimes forget to autopurchase for you, and will sometimes skip the after game “research” dialog. So you will find that you have unused RP and hidden disabled mods.
And there is the old if you jump into a game before the last one ends you will lose that research bug.

bruh, i think gaijin have only 0.5 programmer