A-5C Worth buying?

So I am interested in buying the A-5C in the purpose to grind out the china tech tree, China for me is a very interesting tech tree they have interesting tech tree and the upcoming vehicle are interesting (J-11, J-16, Singaporean F-15 etc.) I wouldn’t buy it right now I can’t afford it BUT I am interested in buying it when I am able to do that. SO reddit tell me is it really worth my hard earned money?

I picked it up not long ago and I’d say yeah, it’s pretty fun to fly.

Don’t use it as a bomber, use the thing as a fighter. It’s really fun and I actually managed to win a 2v5 fight with the thing.

If you are gonna strap bombs then fly on the outside, don’t try to rush a base because you will most likely be picked off and or maybe base stolen. Stay on the edge, bomb, then look for targets and fire your magics when you’re just under 2km and that should land you a kill or 2. Your gonna make way more RP/SL by picking off enemies and getting a win.

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Wrong place😁

It’s totally worth your money.It’s a really good plane.

I once used it to grind to the J7E, and most of the remaining planes were made using the J7E. The A5C is a very good aircraft, and before the air to air missile modification, Magic had a 100% lethal zone of 0.7KM. Although the golden age of A5C has passed, it still does not hinder its recommendation as a 10.0 aircraft

Haha that was intentional reddit nation never misses

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Yes, extremely much so, probably one of the best premiums to buy IMO. I have around a 70% win rate in it with around a 5:1 KD. And that was flying it out with bombs and rockets and the magic 1’s. It will print you SL and RP as long as you know how to fly it. That said, wait for the upcoming sale and get it 50% off and use a CC discount too.