A-5C to rank 7

and make it 10.3 at least

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Probably because he lost to one in a dogfight recently.


She does not deserve to be moved to seventh rank

probably in his F-5C

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Honestly why not?

probably so they can grind all of the Chinese tech tree… The J-7D sucks. I mean, if the F-5C let’s you grind the whole US tech tree, why shouldn’t the A-5C, either?

the A-5C still works enough to get you to the good stuff.
Would like to see a Peace Pearl J-8 premium, or maybe something else. J-7D has no pull to it for me

i use the A-5C and get 3 kills a game, i don’t own the F-5C i just want my F-16 MLU without having to buy the J-7D lol


if that u should try J-7E with its PL-5B
10.3 mean u could meet phantoms and floggers then u could do nothing with 18 countermeasures

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i don’t want to buy another whole vehicle which i won’t use cuz i have the J-7E

J7D should be 10.7 and have it’s PL5bs removed in favour for a magic 1 and 9p loadout.

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maybe play J7e? idk man

PL-7 is magic 1 :)

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