A-4N Skyhawk II (Ayit) Israel. I can't see the cannon crosshairs in my cockpit in SB


I have a problem with A-4N Skyhawk II (Ayit) Israel. In Simulated Air Battle mode.

I can’t see the cannon crosshairs in my cockpit. And that’s why I don’t know when to start shooting.

I only have this problem in SB (Simulated Air Battle) mode when only the view from the cockpit of the plane is available.

I would like to have a reticle for the cannon available, as is the case with every plane I’ve had so far.

How do I set up the gun sight on my A-4N Skyhawk II (Ayit) Israel fighter please?

Thanks for any responses.

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If you use secondary selection to equip a bomb for example it will automatically turn the sight for bomber mode. This may be the issue you’re encountering but if not I’m not sure.

The problem is even if the machine does not carry any bombs. The reticle of the canon is simply not visible there.

thanks for the response