A-4H wrong engine, no countermeasures, and wrong weapons

The Israeli A-4H is a modified variant of the American A-4F. The A-4F in turn was an upgraded variant of the A-4E, the A-4E gets missiles, countermeasures and guided munitions that the A-4F would’ve also had. So these things should also be on the A-4H that Israel uses. Also to note is that the modifications the Israel Air Force made included changing the engine from the original J-52-P-8A to J52-P-408N engines. This isn’t shown in War Thunder either.

If you have proof of this with reliable and acceptable sources then feel free to make a Report on the “Gaijin issues” site :)
(note that you need to check what Gaijin regards as reliable)

It’s not as simple as E<F<H. This is an example where Gaijin should be using the ‘early’ and ‘late’ suffixes as they do with the E model.

All three variants received upgrades through their lives, and it’s possible to find an E more advanced than an F leaving questions if there is no indication of the time scale involved.

The P408 engine was a post build upgrade and it’s legitimate for a F or H to be modelled with or without one as long as it’s noted as either an Early or Late service aircraft (which they aren’t in game!) . The A-4F ‘Super Fox’ name is used correctly only once they had the later engine and associated intake and exhaust modifications, before that they were simply F models but unfortunately many miss that detail and apply it to the P8 engined airframes too.

The same applies to weapon options as not all were developed and added simultaneously. Early Skyhawks lacked guided munitions simply because there were few in service compared to their later years.

I see you died to an A-4H and want it nerfed.
Sorry but no, A-4H should remain 8.3 where it’s one of the best gun fighters in the game.
Either way you have to prove Israel did such upgrades, until then just get better at fighting A-4Hs.

A was based on B which was based on C, and C had X armament, therefore A should have X armament is not how it works.

If you have concrete proof of this, please submit a historical report here. You also need proof that the armament was actually used by Israel, not just that it technically could mount it.


Also note that not having certain armament options is not necessarily a bug. Armament options are excluded all the time for balancing purposes.