A-4H (Israel) What the heck?

Greetings to everyone.

I just did the first test flight with the A-4H Skyhawk (Israel). And this machine is damn impossible to drive. How to fly this machine. The controls are terribly responsive.

Thank You

Weeeeell it’s a pretty cracko plane in air RB, I suppose the roll rate is rather insane but I’d take it as is, the A-4N later down the line is quite similar so you should get used to it.

I love the A-4H. It maneuvers great in my opinion. A-4N can be a bit of challenge due to it’s top speed being 200 kts faster than the wings can handle.

I meant if you adjusted the sensitivity of the controls on this aircraft for example? For example, changing control sensitivity aircraft in settings. Or, for example, have you modified the characteristics of the aircraft, such as aileron or rudder sensitivity?

Nobody anything?

Well, don’t remember if the Skyhawks have SAS to dampen / stabilize pilot input. If yes, try flying with this activated as this should help matters.

The Skyhawk is famous for its fast roll rate IRL, which obviously can be considered both an advantage as well as disadvantage. I myself don’t enjoy flying the “Scooter” too much, because I prefer more “stable” platforms over the very “wiggly” ones like the Skyhawk.

Okey, thank You Sir.