A-4E Early CCRP Bugs

Whilst flying in ARB with the Mk 81 Snakeye High Drag Fin Retarded Bombs, the CCRP for the A-4E Early doesn’t account for the fact that the bombs are retarded and therefore always drops them short of the target point set. Not sure if this is historical or not but does make them virtually useless in ARB for myself at least.

The physics of the retarded fall of the snake eye is right. Look at the actual footage of snake eyes being dropped. It still travels forward for a short distance.

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yes, but the ccrp releases them to early. This is the problem, not the simple physics acting on the bomb.

Can you upload a replay?

Ask the person who has the problem, not the person explaining what the person with the problem wrote.

Also generally some early jets seem to have an inaccurate ccrp and sometimes it seems to be systematic (like always to short, when you are quite low and slow).

CCRP strikes me as an auxiliary device for dropping bombs when there is no other option …
The article on the WT wiki, on the ballistic computer, is also kind of weird…


This is an issue with ALL aircraft that possess any retarded bombs and CCRP. Previously this was not an issue and CCRP was calculating high drag bombs correctly, but recently, it has not been calculating them correctly and resulting in too early of a release on bombs like snake eyes for example. Hopefully Gaijin can resolve this as it definitely limits your ability to use these bombs at higher tiers.