A 32A Lansen incorrect chaff amount

Currently, the BOZ-3/BOX-3 chaff dispenser has the incorrect amount of chaff.
the ingame version only carries x32 of chaff in both dispensers, while the real life version carries around x928 in total (if both launchers are equipped).


As per schematics, there is more than 1 chaff in every tube inside of one dispenser, unlike the ingame variant where 1 tube = 1 chaff.
But currently, the BOX-3 just farts out one or two tubes at a time, which is something it should not do (at least in real life)
Source: still being looked for

Counting that the BOZ-3/BOX-3 has 16 tubes, in total a single pod should be able to carry at least 464 chaff, whereof equipping both launchers grants you around 928 chaff.

the solution would be to add the correct amount of chaff for the BOX-3/BOZ-3 dispensers (464 in one pod, 928 in total if carrying both pods) and make it so that it doesn’t fart out a whole tube at once, but the chaff of said tubes at intervals.

Make the Pods on ‘periodic countermeasure release’ only, so it can only be activated and deactivated.
you cannot release countermeasures how you want, it is automated.

final notes:

i will add more sources and photos as soon as i find them. I would be happy if others can provide any sources of this aswell.


Additional Source 1: https://www.aef.se/Biblioteket/Oplacerade_dokument/Avionik/FallareM2198-101010-Beskrivning-9625.pdf (if helpful)


Upvote, but only if the IAI F-16 Netz will get it’s extra flare/chaff dispensers like proven with a lot of pics in the old forum, too.

restricting it to periodic countermeasures is a dumb idea and won’t happen. in game periodic countermeasures is still basically just the pilot hitting the switch because if the pilot pases out, your periodic countermeasures stop.
and it makes no sense either because you can just double-tap the periodic countermeasure button to release one packet…

Tornado Gr1 is in the same boat.

Each pod should have 28 flares and 600 chaff.

Currently each pod can only carry 28 CMs

The reason for this as given by the devs in another thread

"its not currently possible to support two entirely different types of countermeasures on an aircraft currently in game.

This means, the aircraft cannot have its 28 cartridge charges and 500 packet charges per BOZ. We currently opted for the best option, which was the use of the 28 cartridge charges as these can be both flares or chaff.

The 500 packet charges however can only be chaff. Flares cannot be used in packets or in the pod that way. So if we opted for the 500 packet charges, the aircraft would be locked to chaff only.

Whereas currently, it has the option to use either or both mixed with the 28 cartridges per pod."

Its a bit of a cop out, and there are definetly better solutions, like giving it accurate Flare counts when in a mixed CM loadout, but alas we left to struggle with incorrrect CM counts for a while yet. Until they overhaul the system


CM’s are treated like ordnance load outs, as suggestions. So even if prove it’s possible it’s up to the devs to decide if it’s needed.

this is kind of different because the BOX-3 ONLY does chaff. it has no flares so gaijin’s refusal to implement this is without reason.


I recently went around Sweden to look at museums and took this picture! Much Greater detail than what you found hope it helps!

Remember to post this on the bug report site.
& be patient for the new chaff & flare system they’re developing.

I have already Reported this once it was listed as not a bug then closet then later deleted

Well… it’s not a bug.
It’s a historical inaccuracy, which still needs a new flare & chaff system to even exist the way we want it to.

They responded with " Please post this issue on the Forum under the corresponding Section and it will be looked at "

The variant of the Netz that had the extra countermeasures is one that uses the Block 15 elevator which we don’t have in game