A-222 Bereg Coastal Defence Gun - The Hilltop Sniper

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TL;DR: An 8x8 truck equipped with a 130mm cannon. Intended to shoot at enemy surface ships.


Note: I am only suggesting the firing unit of the A-222 system, not the entire three vehicle system.


Being able to properly defend the coast is a necessity for any nation that borders an ocean or sea. Nowadays, the more modern of these nations employ several kinds of long range surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles to ensure that their waters remain under their control. These systems, however, are incredibly expensive to purchase, build, and maintain. On top of this, they rely on guidance systems, which can be jammed by specially developed systems. Adding even more fuel to this fire, Soviet coastal defense missiles in the 1980s had a dead-zone extending 7 - 25km from the coastline. If a surface vessel managed to get in this dead-zone, they would be able to attack and land troops without fear of return fire. These downsides are why conventional cannons still have a niche when it comes to coastal defense. In the 1980s, the USSR began work on a modern weapon system to fill this niche. What they eventually came up with was the A-222 Bereg Mobile Coastal Defense System, a, usually, three vehicle system consisting of a firing unit, a command and control unit, and a combat support unit. The firing unit featured a rear mounted turret armed with 130mm cannon developed from the AK-130 naval cannon. The cannon has 40 rounds at the ready and is fed by a semi-automatic loader, which allows for a fire-rate of up to 12rpm. The turret can rotate a full 360 degrees, however, it is only meant to fire in a 240 degree area. Normally, the firing unit would receive guidance from the command and control unit, however, if the unit is jammed or otherwise inoperable, the firing unit’s crew of 8 can take over. The A-222 system would be publicly revealed in 1993 and enter service in 2003. The Russian military still operates them to this day.

Place In War Thunder:

The A-222 is an incredibly unique vehicle. It is a vehicle with anti-tank capabilities that wasn’t primarily designed to engage tanks and instead tailored to engage ships. As far as I know, War Thunder does not have a ground vehicle like this in-game. Initially, the A-222 seems like it would be a challenge to play, however, if you were to stick to paved roads, you can motor around decently quick, potentially appearing in areas where such a large vehicle wouldn’t be expected. Your reload can be as low as 5 seconds so securing a few frags before you’re spotted wouldn’t be too difficult. Since the A-222 is a service vehicle it would fit in the tech tree, potentially granting more variety to the Rank V USSR tank destroyer line.


Armament: 130mm A-222 Barrikady Titan Bereg cannon

Dimensions: 12.95m, 3.10m, 3.93m (L,W,H)

Weight: 43700kg

Armor: Proof against small arms fire and artillery splinters

Crew: 8

Ammunition: HE, SAP, and Illumination

Speed: 60kph

Horsepower: 525hp


3/4th View:


Turret facing backwards:


Gun In Travel Position:





A-222 Bereg | Weaponsystems.net


A-222E Bereg-E 130mm coastal mobile artillery system - Wikipedia

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Wanted this vehicle for some time. +1


This could be really fun, plus it is a coastal gun system, meaning it automatically gets my +1.


This would be so much fun, excluding CAS

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Currently, there isn’t a game mode that have both ground vehicles and naval vessels.
I hope such game mode can be added one day. Maybe amphibious warfare.