A-10A (Late) - Technical Data and Discussion

Hey there! Just wanted to preface my blog post by stating that the attached document is NOT CLASSIFIED OR EXPORT RESTRICTED. It is a DECLASSIFIED document obtained by POGO via FOIA.
Additionally, I will be referring to later revisions of the A-10A as the A-10A (late), because that’s how Warthunder describes the upgraded A-10A.

Anyway, I’ll get on with my post now.

The A-10A (early) carried the AIM-9L air-to-air missile (as correctly modeled in WT). However, it seems that the A-10A (late) carried the AIM-9M air-to-air missile. The A-10C (the most modern version of the A-10) currently carries the AIM-9M (source: https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/24036641/f-35a-and-a-10c-comparison-test.pdf, page 8, under “air-to-air weapons”), and I have reason to believe that the A-10A late also carried the AIM-9M.

The AIM-9M was introduced in 1983, and the A-10A (late) was introduced around 1985 (as far as I can gather). Therefore, it seems as though the A-10A (late) should carry the AIM-9M air-to-air missile.

But naturally, that isn’t without its complications. Currently, the A-10A (late) sits at a battle rating of 10.3 (arb), and at that battle rating, the AIM-9M would be incredibly OP. It seems that 10.3 has been getting downtiered quite a lot, and I don’t think anyone wants to deal with a missile with IRCCM at 9.7, let alone the rare 9.3 game. Currently, the Russian equivalent of the A-10 (Su-25, more specifically the BM variant) has R-73s, which the AIM-9M currently rivals. The Su-25BM sits at a battle rating of 11.0 RB, where I think it’s a solid fit (especially for grb, although I kinda hate how manuverable the Su-25 somehow is in game).

I propose that the A-10A (late) be bumped up to 10.7, or at most 11.0, and given the AIM-9M in order to preserve historical accuracy and add a little more balance to the game.


(Side note: If I’m wrong, please correct me; I don’t want to accidentally spread false information.)

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Checks calendar… Can you please clarify the origins of this document.

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Cheers, carry on.

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If its going to have AIM-9M’s, then it should be moved up to 11.0, from my eyes, 11.0 doesn’t get that much uptiers, but it doesnt get that much downtiers either, so if it has AIM-9M’s and stayed in 10.3, the A-10 could be the best CAS jet ever, or even the meta jet of all countries, the F-5’s and F-104J’s won’t be able to keep up with the A-10 due to the AIM-9M being one of the best heat seeking US missiles currently, in 11.0, many people bomb bases and you can find J-7’s, F-4S’s, and many more that could maybe keep up with the A-10 depending on the skill of the enemy pilot. I’d compare the A-10 to an F-4ej but its slower and has a good missile. Though, I still think people will only use the A-10 as CAS surely.

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I don’t think it’s ever been a question the A-10A is capable of carrying the 9M. Gaijin doesn’t want to add it to the aircraft because they want it at the battle rating it is currently at. It’s the same with lots of vehicles missing ordinance they should be carrying. Either way, the A-10C will carry it when it comes and likely around the 11.0/.3 BR.

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That would put it into a range with lots of adversaries with PD an LDSD capabilities. Not a happy place for the 'Hog…

11.0 at the very least, or 11.3. Not 10.7. The SU-25BM sits at 11.0 with only 2 R-73s. At that BR the speed of both aircraft doesn’t matter since they are both too slow for the BR. İt’s all about the missiles.

Otherwise I support the idea of giving it 9M if it goes up to a proper BR

The hog shouldn’t even be 10.3 to start with. İf it wasn’t for American players skill issue it would have been 10.7 , yet they prefer to take headons and type brrrt in chat and die without a kill, dragging down it’s kill and winrates.


Sure, but the AIM-9M is too OP for 10.3, no?
The A-10 should NOT be moved up without the 9Ms influence, of course.

Also, if anyone knows: How do I officially submit the historical inaccuracy to gaijin?

I mean the snail could always limit it to two 9Ms for the sake of game balance (the other 9L slots could still be used for 9Ls though)

I just don’t see that happening

Go here

Gaijin.net // Issues

It should probably be 11.0 already.

Without even trying this thing can be flown and done well with. It’s my go to aircraft when I need easy kills or points.

It is a god at 10.3 , thermals check, best IR missile in the bracket check, shit ton of flares check. R-60M cant even come close to the potency of 9L. USSR even at 12.3 still does not get IR guided fire forget AGMs.

Oh yeah, I’m not even talking about ground battles.

Between the 4 amazing missiles and the absolutely amazing gun it’s so easy to score kills. You bait people in, keep an eye on your six and just pop auto flares.

You can literally whip around and deal with anything that comes at you.

I just turn on auto flares , enough for like 5-6 minutes to be immune to all İR missiles lol

Well not all, a good placed AAM (even 9B) can end up blowing you up ^^"

But it requires timing skills ^^

I disagree - the A-10 has a shit ton of flares, and if a 9B kills you that is entirely on you. (You can literally just turn slightly and it’ll miss, I’ve dodged them by accident on several occasions)

I disagree, i do made those kills, not getting by them ^^"

Once again if you get AIM-9B’d that’s on you. Also, what is your top BR?