A-10 Weapon Variety for Air To Ground

I feel as if the A-10 is either an old relic that gets laughed at during a battle or a force of nature that is the most annoying thing an enemy can use and there is no middle ground as it lacks variety in it’s arsenal.
As it stands right now the A-10 can only have two types of dumb bombs, one guided bomb, one guided missile and one dumb fire rocket.
(Bombs) Why is the A-10 only limited to a 500lb bomb or 2000lb bomb when it can hold the entire Mk80 series of bombs? (250/500/1000/2000)
(Cluster Munitions) Cluster bombs have yet to be added and i don’t really see a use of it besides grins and giggles but if it does get added i see no reason the A-10 shouldn’t get one of it’s many useful series of cluster bombs including the CBU-71/87/97
(Guided Bombs) Guided bombs are a main staple of the A-10 and it is a severe hindrance to force it to ONLY carry a 2000lb TV guided bomb and no targeting pod when it has used JDAM’s and Paveway’s more than the GBU-8.
As a final note to end off this forum post, please stop nerfing the gun for crying out loud, I can’t even kill a 2S38 with a 5 second direct burst anymore.

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Cause modern cluster munitions are absolutely broken.

Oh yes, I can see tornado doing warcrimes with cluster munitions.
Or spamming MIFF’s over battlefield. This would sound so much fun for tank players… NOT

The current A-10As in game can not use JDAMS. The A-10A late could use Paveway series, however it requires buddy-lasing as there is only slight evidence of TGP integration towards the very end of its life prior to the A-10C upgrades.

Wrong A-10 version

There are four variants of the A-10; the A-10A, OA-10A, A-10A+ and A-10C.

The addition of the GPS to the A-10 predates the beginning of the A-10C airframe conversions by a few years, so it’s not incorrect.

The OA-10A is actually just a plain old A-10A carrying different stores and using avionics modes for FAC duties . It’s perfectly possible to have a plane fly as one in the am and the other in the pm - yet another annomylous designation curtesy of the US military.

The A-10A had to wait for the Pave Penny update to use LGBs and then only in a passive receive only targeting role. Not until the A-10C did they have to ability to designate targets themselves thanks to the Incremental Precision Engagement Program.

the A-10A variants currently in game cannot carry JDAM’s nor the Paveway GBU series. It would be nice to get a new variant of the A-10 that could mount them, but in the meantime it seems that the A-6E TRAM is the only viable platform for the US tree in that BR bracket that can carry Paveways.