A-10 Thunderbolt II IR Signature

As far as I know, the A-10 had a number of technical solutions to reduce IR Signature. Top-mounted engines, special engine casing material, and possibly a specially shaped nozzle.

However, I have not seen any studies or documents on how much this reduced the IR visibility of the A-10.

Does anyone know of any sources about this?

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No,… that is everything but reducing IR signature,…
The Engine pods would be specifically be hot themselves + the IR generated by friction of the air onto wing surfaces → which due to shape of wing would make the IR signature of A-10 more signficant than some fighter.

Certainly Classified, therefore unavailable for the game.

I don’t see how this reduces HEAT/IR signature as the Thermodynamic laws/Flow laws are the one responsible for the HEAT/IR on this part of the Engine pod.

most A-10’s are still in service or mothballed.

The only thing i found about the TF-34 is 6.2:1 dilution rate makes it to produces less IR signature,… but that about it,…

also the reduced IR signature is compared to the Afterburning engines, which are off course producing high HEAT/IR.

No,… that is everything but reducing IR signature,…

I’m assuming OP was trying to talk about the placement of the engines in relation to the tailplanes, which allegedly obscured their IR signature from certain angles. Obviously there likely isn’t any empirical data on this.


The A-10 has turbofan engines which blow cold air over the engine and exiting exhaust gases, thus reducing its overall thermal signature.

That’s flows, … dual flow to be exact,… it’s not nozzle related specifically,…

I started to study this question after I studied the Su-25t (R-195) engines, there just as I understand the nozzle affects the IR very significantly. At the same time the appearance is very easy to distinguish.

I thought it is the same principle here

It’s really not nozzle related, but dual flow related, as that dual flow will diffuse heat/IR faster.

There is absolutely no data from which to judge how much it reduces the IR signature?

For r-195 and r-95sh I found manufacturer’s data that r-195 reduces signature by 2 times compared to r-95sh.

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Be my guest,… those are mostly classified, as it still is in country service

Yes, air flow as shaped in part by nozzles. Nozzle design is air flow design - cause and effect.

You both appear to be in agreement.