A-10: Launching order of Mavericks

Hi folks!

I noticed in the last two days that when I flew the A-10, I’d get a tendency to bank the plane slightly while “working a battle zone”, then looking out to my wings noticed that the AGM-65’s now are fired first all from one side, then the other, resulting in a not insignificant weight imbalance.

Wasn’t it alternating before, and isn’t it supposed to be alternating?

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They always been fired from on side, then the other.

I never saw A-10 in game with a different firing order.

It is supposed to be alternating by the Weapon system, working out with the aircraft compyter to balance the plane as best as it can.

With the most recent major patch the have begun all firing from the left side first

Almost 100% sure this was not the case.

Yikes… of all the things that’s wrong with the A-10 and Mavericks, this is what you choose to complain about?

I also remember this because I remember flying my F-16A in sim and the launching order being left-right-repeat until they’re all gone, now it’s left x3 and then right x3 and it does cause imbalance