A-10 and AIM-9L’s

So, just got killed by a A-10 with AIM-9L’s at 9.3. Not only am I pissed at the fact single aspect missiles face all aspects, but the fact my engine was TURNED OFF for 10 seconds and it still hit me. Premium bias gaijin?

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Nah its just gaijin cant decompress for shit and every new plane has all aspect 30g missiles at a low br


Ah yeah, premium bias. Not like:
A-10 Late with 4x 9L
Su-25 2x R-60M
Sea Harrier FRS.1 (e) with 2x 9L
AMX 2x 9L

Just shoot down his missile in head on and whoop his ass

Shoot down his missile? With what? I can’t get too close or his gun will shred me b/c on fire rate, and apparently non of my shots hit when I’m dead on target. Missile too OP to be facing 9.0’s, issue being, playing a minor nation, and most air players playing America, I rarely team with America and face these other, also haven’t seen a sea harrier (e) before.

You can lock his missile with yours even in a head on, of course if you have one on your plane lol.

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AIM-9L isn’t a premium missile.

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With your missile if you have one. If you don’t have a missile use load some dumb rockets and use them as flares(if vehicle has none).

Well you don’t get close to A-10. You shoot from 2km away and dodge, 30mm is very slow so your bullets will reach him faster

You forgot
Su-25K 2xR-60M.

And for the aircraft that doesn’t have rockets at 9.3?

Not when I’m shooting 30mm’s too. As for that, not really any rockets other than Frida’s, just AIM-9B’s, J32A if your wondering, so no flares.


There’s your issue. You play Sweden and you haven’t sold your soul to the snail to get a good aircraft. Therefore as everyone has said it’s your fault you’re trying to have fun in an non-competitive aircraft.

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Yeah, I know that, it’s more common to see a A-10A (premium), than a TT one after the sale. B/c everyone loves that “historically amazing” A-10 that’s all the craze, without all the work

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I’m only 5K away from my first supersonic, it has flares, but not many. AJ37 if your wondering, I don’t wanna play the J35, as it’s worse as far as “Multirole” and has barely any flares.

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Story of my life.

I didn’t I only mentioned tech tree planes to counter that it’s premium bias.

Like what? Not sure which do not have neither of those.

Equal chances then, but you are faster plane

That’s all you need, just shoot it at his missile. They are surprisingly good at intercepting

Hunter F.1.
Sagittario 2.

And many many more if you ARE counting those that only have missiles. Rockets are very good flares in head-on situations and if you have an A-10 behind you then you have done something wrong.
Besides the heat coming from an AIM-9L is non existent. So really I would count aircraft like the F-86K because it lacks any good missile.

Yes, and that’s fine, I’m not saying the missile is premium bias, I’m saying gaijin let it happen because the user is using a premium vehicle, comprendé?

Okay, 3 planes out of a lot, I can agree with those 3.

But why would I, any IR missile will work as interceptor for Aim-9L in headon.

In game it is existent enough to be reliably targeted and shot down by even Aim-9B.

Maybe fine in a head on, but from an odd attack angle, which I’m usually dealing with, it’s hard to get on target, lock, and fire in enough time for it to pull.

Edit: mostly because gaijins current spotting system is so busted it feels un-playable. Also not to mention that you have 40k played battles, I only 5K, more skill does play a role, I’m not notoriously horrible, but have bad luck.