9M39 Igla's New Buff

Okay yall, looks like the Igla got a buff with the new patch:
Edit: not actually new, just now especially noticeable because it’s on an SPAA.

It automatically angle-snaps to its desired lead on launch.

Notably, Igla is the only one of the three rolling airframe MANPADS to receive this change.

I will summarise the discussion on the MANPADS post so we can continue here.

Shows a graphic that looks like a rocket plume on the side, does not actually mention it.

Igla live-firing

Possible design of motor. Unknown whether this is for guidance, power generation, or to maintain the spin required for the missile to work.

Suspected port? Also missing on some entirely.


So guys, what’s up with this new change? How come only the Igla received it? And why does it snap-to-lead like an R-73, even with zero velocity?

(Related bug-report)


Another day of russia getting buffs and everyone else getting screwed. No surprises here…

Too bad they wont buff all MANPADS to autolead on launch because the Igla can like they nerfed all MANPADS maneuverability because Igla wasn’t as maneuverable.

Fantastic double standard; “X source cant be used for buffs, but it CAN be used for nerfs if we(gaijin) don’t like that specific piece of equipment (ie: western tech).”


The Igla did this even before the update, nothing new


I mean, the IGLA got this because it had this system IRL, if you find documentation that other MANPADS had something similar, send it to gaijin




This is pretty old. The Igla’s on the heli’s have had this for a long time.

The Igla is the only one without an uncaged seeker. Went through some autopilot changes a long time back.


I didn’t know this was a thing they actually dedicated space to. I figured gaijin just spaghetti coded it in

Thats my entire point though…

There’s documentation of other MANPADS having better maneuverability than the Igla, but they all had their maneuverability nerfed because of the Igla had worse maneuverability. (Nerf based on Igla source instead of western source)

There is documentation of the Igla having this system, so Igla gets the system, but not the western MANPADS. (No buff based on Igla source)

Igla documentation is good enough for gaijin to be used to nerf western MANPADS, but not good enough to buff them. Its a literal textbook double standard.

I’m not against the Igla having this system, nor am I against western MANPADS not having this system. I’m against the devs picking and choosing what info from sources they want to use based purely on their own personal opinions about certain tech.

The devs picking and choosing what info they want from sources also lead to the Begleitpanzer 57 nerf this patch, where it had its HP dropped from 750hp to 600hp because of a source gaijin has previously rejected. But they refuse to give it APFSDS and HOT-3 ATGM’s, which are quoted on the exact same page as the source they used to nerf it.

ie: Gaijin will reject sources if it results in a buff to a western piece of equipment, but will use the EXACT SAME SOURCE to nerf that piece of equipment.


This system was in the game before the update, I noticed it a few weeks ago when using the Ka-52, it’s just the Igla is now available to a ground vehicle more people will notice it.

Oh hey, sounds like… 2A7V & Begleit situation all over again :p

Worst part is that no mod will come by & explain properly why this is happening, they resort to radio silence when Gaijin shows their double standards, always have.

Instead, if someone tries to make a report about this or Western MANPAD manouverability, it will be closed not even a nanosecond after getting submitted, and we will get the same robot like response of “Not a bug” or “Developers already answered”.


Eh, there’s no evidence this system is on Mistral or Stinger. It’s the one feature unique to the Igla.

My problem with all this now is that Gaijin will model a unique system for one system, but not the others. (Optical Contrast mode was implemented, why is the IR/UV seeker of the Stinger not implemented?

The Igla and Stinger literally have the exact same seeker as far as the range bands are concerned. The MIM-72G is marginally better. (This makes zero sense as the Stinger and MIM-72G share the same seeker) Why does the Stinger lack its better seeker being modeled? Why does the MIM-72G lack its historical seeker range? How come Gaijin declines every source we give them for Stinger and Mistral?


3 months now, 2 secondary sources, zero mod/dev response. Not even telling me to buzz off.




tbf, the mods cant do anything but forward stuff to the devs. I just noticed today that one of the issues I’ve been rather annoyed about (AIM-54C missing its reduced smoke motor) was acknowledged and passed to the devs long ago, but the devs are “still investigating the report”


You’re missing the point entirely. Theres no evidence the Mistral or Stinger have similar/inferior maneuverability than the Igla either, theres actually evidence against that, but gaijin based themselves on the Igla when it came to nerfing western MANPADS.


Not kidding, but you actually have to ping moderators to come and check out the reports at times, some of mine waited months before being closed with “not a bug” answer from either TrickZZter or vladuxa. Some of them didn’t even last a minute after being submitted as well.

This is honestly ridiculous. Gaijin’s modum operandii is one of the worst, if not the worst I’ve ever seen from a game developer.


They are implemented, that’s why it has IRCCM in game. It is even mentioned as IR+UV in gaijin’s missile table posted some time ago.


Its not like the system exists on the Iglas being used today either.

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The entire point is to increase detection range (And IRCCM). Yet it is identical to the inferior Igla. Actually, the Igla has SUPERIOR FLARE RESISTANCE to the Stinger?




Also, notice how the Stinger can’t even do 12km in rear aspect.

Uh, Gaijin if that’s true how would it hit a fixed wing target at 12km front aspect IRL??


Prove it that Stinger has incorrect lock range with sources in report then.

Prove it should be better in report with sources or keep crying because you just feel something is wrong

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