9K35M Striela-10M vs Improved Chaparral

Chaparral is worse, it can’t trace helicopter. Also missiles of Striela is faster, better and going directly to target, not in the air as Chaparral.

But as always somebody from russia will tell it’s not true. So why on SQB everyone plays Striela not Chaparral.

So my conclusion is give Chaparral 9.0 or 9.7 to Striela.


The Strela-10M2 has Photocontrast, making aircraft far more visible to the seeker, the Chaparral also has it from what I have heard, but only for some of its missiles (None of which have ingame.)

That is incorrect (the Chaparral part).

Oh ok, so it is just worse.

the new top missile for the american has a smokeless motor, so it is “invisible” in that sense.

and it doesnt matter if theyre smokeless if people with A-10s or Su-25s just turn on periodic countermeasures and then this smokeless motor gives you sh**t because your missile wont even hit the target in the first place.
sure its nice and yes i had a lot of people who didnt saw the missile coming but i would rather have a missile without a smokeless motor and IRCCM then with a smokeless motor and no IRCCM.

also it doesnt matter if were talking about the american or israeli one, both are overtiered.
the israeli one especially is not even close in terms of capabilities to SPAAs at the same BR, e.g. Roland.

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Invisible missiles are still trash for 10.3.

They are slow, only 18Gs, 6km max range and can’t lock onto Helios that are further away than 2km…
Strela at 9.3 has 20G missiles basically with IRCCM,
5km range but it can lock onto Helis…
I’d trade that with the Garbage Charpperal any day.
Also, why do they think that the Japanese SPAA deserves to be lower than the Garbage Charpperal? That thing is broken as all hell. The strela at 9.3 is just as cracked.
This dev team proves AGAIN that they don’t play their own game.

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its 16,5Gs, they nerfed it before it came to live, but yeah that sums it up pretty well.

its not “basically”, IT HAS IRCCM, its just not on the stat-card, it has the same IRCCM method the R-73 has, and the Strelas is even slightly better with a reduced FOV of 0,5 degress to the R-73 0,75 degrees.

especially now with the optical track, wich massively improved lock-on range, and cant be flared.