99A Model Error Modification Opinions

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The difference between game and real chassis model

Front chassis height


Rear chassis height


So will this make the lower frontplate weakspot smaller? I am very much aware that the model of the 99a was incorrect from the very beginning, and I guess they just never fixed it.

Not only this question, I originally wanted to submit another one (turret main armor part missing, driver sitting position and position), but there seems to be an upper limit for sending pictures.


You can add additional images in comments on the bug report. It will be sent together with the main post if acknowledged.

If you are arguing the LFP is too large/the vehicle is deeper than it should be, I’d recommend using orthographic images and comparing them with the corresponding view side by side. It can be deceptive when looking at objects with complex geometry at off angles.

The angle change of the game image will have a wide-angle distortion effect, which can’t be directly compared with the real photo. I have made this attempt to test whether the angle of the 99A car body is wrong.

I have reason to suspect that they used the 1/35th wrong 99A military model of “trumpeter” brand for modeling, and the in-game model is also wrong. I think that if the modeler does not know, there is no mistake. I also watched it several times before I found out about it.

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@CokeSpray Hello, I’m sorry that I used the wrong model for 99A in the game. I suggest that the official can reset the 99A model with reference to the “Border” brand model with more correct quality to achieve better quality’ instead of continuing to use the “trumpeter” brand model with poor reducibility, which will lead to more problems when the game data becomes more and more complicated in the future.


@Til_Dovre_Faller Please pay attention to this matter, instead of ignoring it because there are few China players active in the forum. I found more than one problem on the 99A tank.If you can pay attention to this matter, we will have more expectations for the game.



I didn’t publish it myself, until other brothers did.

This is good. Keep pressuring them to fix model errors.

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