90mm ammunition load out changes

Well, we can already say it’s wrong by the fact it’s missing the super charged variant. Or if not wrong, incomplete.

The existence of two M82 variants has been proven. One with .44 lbs of explosive filler and one with .31 lbs of explosive filler. It’s been proven that the M82 was fired at 4 different velocities. The earliest version was fired at 2,670 fps. M2 powder achieved a velocity of 2,850 fps, but was not used due to barrel wear. 2,800 was standardized as the Super Charged variant. Finally, it was fired at 3,200 fps by the T15.

I have yet to see any evidence of the large filler version being fired at 2,800 or 2,850 fps, so I won’t count that. Given that fact, there are potentially 5 configurations of the M82 we can have and we get 3 of them in game. No tank gets more than one. It’s unacceptable.

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If it is true that the 0.31 lbs filler variant is introduced in 1945, both M2 powder SC(2850 f/s) and M1 powder SC(2800 f/s) are most likely the large filler version as both are produced in 1944.

That may be, but the documents I’ve seen that show 2800 fps velocity also show 8.2 lbs of propellant but the documents I’ve seen that show .44 lbs of filler have 7.31 lbs of propellant. The .31 lbs super charged round may have been tested earlier but adopted in 1945.