7800xt will not go past 80% GPU Usage

No matter what settings I change in War Thunder and AMD software, the game is limited at 80% GPU usage at all times while in a match, not while in test drive, I use a 1440p 240hz monitor and the game doesnt get near 240 fps at any point, while in hangar its limited at 150fps for no reason, and the test drive area is the only unlocked areas but only for the helicopters and some aircraft test drive areas. The GPU graphs top right are 30 seconds of graphs.

Your brain only runs at 60 fps.
There should be no reason why GPU usage should vary between test, hanger, or game since they are all instances of the 3D engine. Except that the test and hanger are kind of “canned” and probably optimized. All utilization, both of GPU and its memory, as well as “fps” mean is how hard it is working. If the processors only need 80%, that is all it will take.
Are you running maxed out graphics etc?
Did this just happen with the update?

this has been happening for a while now and every other game has no issue like this, plus my game will dip below 100 fps in certain matches because of not using 100% gpu and im not fully maxxed

Check if one of your CPU cores is at 100%. If it is, it might bottleneck your GPU and cause it to not utilize with 100% usage.

Increase resolution and check if your GPU usage go to 100%

This system is a
R7 5800x
RX 7800xt
700w PSU 80+ Gold
32gb of 3200mhz ram

Seems like your third CPU core is at 100% usage (from your second screenshot), which could indicate a bottleneck. You could try turning down settings like “Terrain quality”, “Far Terrain Details”, “Grass Range” and “Detailed Foliage” and see if that helps. Otherwise you could try using Virtual Super Resolution to force the GPU to render the game in a higher resolution and do more work instead of the CPU.

Is your goal to get 100% GPU usage or more FPS?

i would like to have 100% gpu usage as it gains me the most stable fps and in matches ill watch that usage and fps drop to like 80fps and it would sit there

Ok, then you could also additionally try to set GPU intensive settings like “Effect quality” or “Reflection quality” to their highest setting and see if that helps.
EDIT: in addition to lowering the aforementioned settings to reduce CPU load

so far after some testing it seems that easy anti cheat is the culprit

Hmmm, yes, I had that “EAC eating up one CPU core” problem too with my 3700x, unfortunately I think that nothing can be done about it. Have you tried the various settings changes? If that doesn’t work I am out of ideas.

i did but all it really affected is the VRAM usage and a 2% overall on cpu usage, but EAC is the prime suspect and no fix in sight

found another culprit being the AMD instant replay