7.2 inch Triplex Rockets on Spitfire and Tempest

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This is a quick post/suggestion on the inclusion of the 7.2 180 lb triplex RP’s onto two new aircraft the Rank III Spitfire Mk XVI and the Rank IV Tempest V.
These photos as well as descriptions of the rockets, the trials and accuracy reports were dug out by myself at the National Archives yesterday and show them being tested on both the spitfire and the tempest. These trials were between January to July 1946.
They were quite simple and consisted of 3 rockets strapped to a 7.2-inch artillery shell with an 893 or 899 type fuse. The whole weight was 305 lb each. Both the Spitfire in this case TB757 and the Tempest SN352 fired some 40 rounds with reasonable accuracy and included trials such as only one rocket firing to represent a failure to launch. Both aircraft could carry four rockets, 2 per wing, however the spitfire in this test was fitted with just 2 for a minimum compared to maximum loadout.
The only issues were some fitting problems which were quickly rectified and on a hard landing the rockets if attached could come loose and fall off, the cables were improved and this problem was solved.

Currently, only the Sea Fury in WT has these rockets. Online information is scarce, with just one report of the rockets fitted to a spitfire and no images, however, I never use online sources and all information here is contained in the original documentation. The speed of the rocket or the filling of the 7.2-inch warhead is not listed although the latter should be easy to find.
These are interesting rockets, and this is just here so that Gaijin could add these rockets to these aircraft now there is visual proof that were used and tested on these planes.

Source: AVIA 18/1683 National Archives: Aircraft Rocket Weapons. Triplex Rocket Motor Units with 180 lb Head.

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+1, the aircraft in the UK air tree are missing a large amount of their armaments, which effects their use in game, especially GRB. These rockets would be a welcome addition!

The best way to get them added to those vehicles would be making a report on the bug report site.