40 New User-Created Camouflages in the Alpha Strike Trophy!

Following the release of the Alpha Strike major update comes the corresponding trophy, which includes 40 custom camouflages from the Live.WT platform in the form of coupons! This trophy will especially please those of you who enjoy high-ranking vehicles, but there’s also something for others. To get the trophy, simply play the game!

Contents in the Alpha Strike trophy:

  • Coupons for rare vehicles.
  • 20 camouflage coupons for ground vehicles.
  • 17 camouflage coupons for aircraft.
  • 1 camouflage coupons for naval vessels.
  • 2 camouflage coupon for helicopters.
  • Coupon for the “Alpha Strike” decal.
  • Selected camoufalges:

    Alpha Strike Decal

    To unlock the trophy, you’ll need the new “Alpha Strike” key that can be purchased on the Market for GJN. Read more about the Market and Gaijin Coins on the Wiki.

    Alpha Strike Trophy

    Alpha Strike Key

    How to get it?

    Camouflage trophies can be earned with a certain probability after any battle with vehicles rank II or higher, with activity of no less than 50% (except for [Assault] PvE mode). PlayStation and Xbox players can purchase the trophy in the Item Shop and open it with Golden Eagles. Read more on our Wiki.

    PC players must purchase a key from the Market to open the trophy, with part of the cost going to the camouflage creators. You can activate a key from the trophy on your account or sell it on the Market for Gaijin Coins — just like the trophy itself.

    You can become a creator of user camouflages — check out the updated guide on our Wiki! It will bring you both glory and real money as a part of the War Thunder partnership program!


    YES! Skins are always best part of update 😁

    Theres some nice skins in this crate, probably gonna nab the fox, AMX-50 and PUMA skins when the market gets populated and they drop in price.

    Fans of T series tanks be feasting with this one

    Looks cool, whilst most of them are not for the vehicles in the update they still look decent at least the majority.
    Are there any Hungarian air subtree vehicles receiving crate skins as well? Namely, su22m3, mig29 or JAS39C.

    Nice to see the first Hungarian ground forces camo arrive to the market, even if it is only a semi historical one when there were historical camos market-ready during the Sons of Attila dev server

    The Hungarian decals, unit insignias present in game on skins are also mostly not available as decals, while the Hungarian tricolor flag is pixellated.

    These look great, wish i could get the ones i want individually for GE on cosole. Instead of rolling a chest in hopes of getting the one i want.

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    Yeah without the market the opening of cratea on console feels more expensive then just grabbing them on the market, u wish they allow you to buy them for a price on console or trade in camos for the camo you want, like 3 camos for 1.


    That would be amazing. But alas, here we are in 2024 and still rolling crates lol

    I doubt gainin looks at these comments but you never know

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    IIRC, IL-28 gets new camo.

    To me it’s garbage because I live in a country where Gaijin Market isn’t available.

    why always choose some strange coatings? especially the camouflage of ZBD04A, it is a desert paint, but the color is almost as white as snow paint.
    clearly, there are better options available
    When can we get these?
    I am even willing to spend hundreds of dollars on this, please add them,plz
    WT Live // Camouflage by 洛姬雅 (warthunder.com)
    WT Live // Camouflage by ItssLuBu (warthunder.com)
    WT Live // Camouflage by Von_Stierlitz (warthunder.com)
    WT Live // Camouflage by Von_Stierlitz (warthunder.com)
    WT Live // Camouflage by 狗头狸头车 (warthunder.com)
    WT Live // Camouflage by Liechtensteinn (warthunder.com)

    Romanian H-5 blue camo, love it! Hopefully we will see more Romanian stuff in the future.

    My god… see the super mirage 4000, the unique flagplane of French aviation development in the color of the Belgian air force… but what happens to you Gaijin to implant a camo coming from a country that has never had a Mirage 4000 and which comes from a Strike Fighters 2 mod?

    It is one of the most legendary aircraft in the history of French jets and Dassault Aviation and completely unique to France.
    Where are the camos in their colors?

    However, it’s not the camos and designers that are missing:
    Skydread, lnVader, Cryo_Cake, FR4NS3V3N97@ps with its 2022 Rafale version


    Really like that black undertoned M90 on the strv 122.

    PRC tanks should have digital camo by default , since it’s literally their default camo , gaijin you did it for Israel and Sweden high tier why should china ve left out . Plz consider this


    Exactly. If all i had to do was spend 500GE per one i wanted, id spend alot of money on camos


    I agree. Digital camos are a signature of modern Chinese designs, they should be the default skin. This would also makes IFF in GSB a lot easier as it may resemble western designs at times.

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    Please Gaijoobles

    Can Gaijin please make the Alpha strike decals redeemable for the vouchers? i have six of them currently in my inventory, with no way to get anything back for them. you can’t redeem them for vouchers like the skins, cant redeem them for warbonds and since im on console I can’t even sell them on the marketplace. completely a waste of the 4200ge i used to open the crates, meaning I’ve spend the best part of 20gbp for decals i cant use