40 New User-Created Camouflages in the “Air Superiority” Trophy!

Meet the “Air Superiority” skin trophy, which includes 40 camouflages from Live.WT presented in coupon form! This trophy features camouflages for all nations in the game; this time we decided to give more attention to high rank vehicles, especially those added in the “Air Superiority” major update. Play War Thunder — and receive trophies!

Contents of the “Air Superiority” trophy:

Contents of the “Air Superiority” trophy:

  • Coupons for rare vehicles.
  • 18 camouflage coupons for ground vehicles.
  • 20 camouflage coupons for aircraft.
  • 1 camouflage coupons for naval vessels.
  • 1 camouflage coupon for helicopters.
  • Coupon for the “Air Superiority” decal.

Air Superiority Decal

To unlock the trophy, you’ll need the new “Air Superiority” key that can be purchased on the Market for GJN. Read more about the Market and Gaijin Coins on the Wiki.

Air Superiority Trophy

Air Superiority Key

How to get it?

Camouflage trophies can be earned with a certain probability after any battle on vehicles rank II or higher, with activity of no less than 50% (except for [Assault] PvE mode). PlayStation and Xbox players can purchase the trophy in the Item Shop and open it with Golden Eagles. Read more on our wiki.

PC players must purchase a key from the Market to open the trophy, with part of the cost going to the camouflage creators. You can activate a key from the trophy on your account or sell it on the Market for Gaijin Coins - just like the trophy itself.

You can become a creator of user camouflages — check out an updated guide on our wiki! It will bring you both glory and real money as a part of the War Thunder partnership program!


Still NOT A SINGLE HISTORICAL Hungarian camouflage, even tho NONE of the WW2 HU tanks have historical camo for them in the game, only Kubinka paint jobs. !

There are many historical camouflages for the Turans, T-72 and Tiger I on Live. Most have been there since the dev server of Sons of Attila.


I like these very much. I mean, camos/skins are personal preference that’s for sure. And I think these seem a bit more practical/realistic than a lot we have had recently. I give this batch two thumbs up.

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It is sad that Japanese DMM players cannot get these great skins.

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Very nice. 👍

I must get the F-15J now. 😍

So many absolutely stunning historical SU-27 skins and you choose a SU-35 skin.

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Cool 👍

We could really use more than one camo per plane, especially when many of the (even the newer) planes don’t have any Gaijin-made unlockable camo other than the default one.

Please save Japanese users who are linked to DMM.
Many Japanese players playing on PC cannot afford this box.
If DMM users can buy them, Gaijin can earn a lot of revenue.


I absolutely LOVE this trophy!! Though I do wish there was no possibilities for duplicates, but nonetheless great trophy!! Thank You!