3rd gun type ammunition not displayed on magazine/reserve

I wonder why 1st and 2nd gun type ammo are displaying how much you have in your magazine and reserve, but 3rd (usually AA) is not. It could come handy

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They should also add ammo selection for these armaments, especially since some ships have non-trivial tertiary guns (e.g. 3-inch guns on the Baltimore and Des Moines-class heavy cruisers).


do you mean selecting between aa/main/secondary? you can do it by pressing ALT+1,2,3

No, I mean choosing which types and amounts of ammo to bring into battle. For example, for USS Pittsburgh below, I can only choose the ammo types and amounts for the the 8-inch and 5-inch guns. The 3-inch guns just automatically get a full load of some default shell.

In fact we can’t even know the stats about this 3-inch shell, since it doesn’t even show up in protection analysis.

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This could be an interesting update…

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understood, yeah it should be great