3bm25 vs 3bm-8



3bm-8 has better penetration at 0° and 30° while it has similar penetration at 60° like 3bm25.

I wondered how 3bm25 is better than 3bm-8?

As an early dart vs sabot it has a lot more of a consistent angle normalization, not much better but the difference is there.
It should also be a more consistent round for damaging whatever is behind the armor.
Though in the case of the 100mm shells it’s not much but I’d still take it ( unless you’re a chad and main APHE)

3MB25 was introduced as a cheeper to make version of the 3BM8, and they perfor very similar.

It is important to mention, that 3BM8 is an early Tungsten Carbide APDS, and it means it is a horribly useless crap. It will shatter on every spaced armor (even those boxes/trachs on the tanks’ sides), and deal pretty much no damage even if it pens.

The 3BM25 is better, but it is also a short rod penetrator, so it also shatters sometimes, and the damage isn’t so good, but much much better than the APDS.

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