=36th= 36th Air Assault Squadron Recruiting

Hello there!

36th air assault squadron is currently looking for new members to replace a large amount of random members that currently hold ranks. We are a very social community and love grouping up to play together.

  • Discord has become a requirement as i would like to start doing community events again.

  • There is no minimum BR or level requirement to join.

  • In the past we have done 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments where the winners walk away with some GE. We also participate in squadron battles when we have enough folks on.

  • We currently hit 20k/20k research every 3 days, so joining will net you some squadon vehicles.

  • There is no hard activity requirement but you must stay semi active in order to not be kicked, I will however never kick you without reaching out first, as real life always comes before a game.

  • Our current member count is 126/128 25ish are in discord, so this leaves me with 100ish people to either convert to discord or replace with one of you.

  • If any of this interests you please feel free to DM me on discord, we would love to have you!

Discord: Big Tea#3015