30mm DEFA SAPHE / APHEI addition

Wanted to ask you all if any could help me gather info about the SAPHE round for the DEFA 553

The 30mm DEFA for air to air is very good, but very lacking in air to ground role, the armor piercing deals not that much damage and only have a mere 35mm pen at 10 m …

For context, the 27mm german BK27 have SAPHE shell with 58mm of pen, and insanely good post pen damage, and it’s “pure AP” shell is 64mm !

This is just sad, becasue it means direct 1:1 copy like alpha jet A (Germany) is just a straight up better plane than the Alpha jet E (France).

So im trying to make a bug report, trying to find as many information possible on this shell, and try to make a better ammo rack for ground targetting for french planes !

So far i found this

That at least shows the existance of it, now unto trying to find penetration values or the explosive charge in it ! Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

I also found the existance of this shell

Type 5432 APHEI-SD

Adn the SAPHE would be this shell ?
Type 2671 SAPHEI

maybe this will help?

Thanks ! after watching the pdf you found, thoses seems to be the already in game ammo types, im going to check with this doc and other i found if apart from adding a SAPHEI, if the AP values could be buffed or not, because the pen values seems so low on it, it’s kinda sad