.303 British (7.7mm) AP-I - Did it exist?

Anyone knows some manual for British .303 ammunition?

I have some German sources (1941 and 1943) and did a internet search but the only rounds that I was able to find are AP, Incendiary and Explosive rounds, as well as a generic Tracer.
(Basically the same as Japanese 7.7mm ammo)

However I couldn’t find any reference to a .303 British AP-I bullet.

I feel like that maybe an Italian 7.7mm AP-I made it into the British ammunition selection by mistake since the beginning of War Thunder and then stayed since no one questioned it.

Likewise I couldn’t find any reference to an Incendiary-Tracer.
The stats for the British .303s are also basically copies of the French 7.5mm ammunition stats, or wise versa. (Pretty sure that 7.5mm French is actually hotter with +850m/s while .303 should actually be in the 720-820m/s range)

But maybe I’m wrong. So feel free to correct me, if you have some manual that talks about British .303 AP-I round.

maybe interesting

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not about .303 brit but interesting nonetheless

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Bomber Command Ammuition 0.303-in.
Between January 1942 and May 1944 the operational sequence for belting
0.303-in. ammunition was as follows:

7 A.P., 2 incend., 1 tracer (day or night)

On the 26th May 1944, provision was made to alter the current sequence, should the necessity arise, to enable a quick turn-round of aircraft for day/night operations, to be effectec:

Rear Top left: all 70% A.P., 30% Incend., no Tracer
Top right: 1st 500 rounds like above
Reminder 50% A.P., 20% Incend., 30% Tracer (Night)

Bottom left: All 60% A.P., 20% Incend., 20% Tracer (Night)
Bottom right: All like above

Mid-Upper and front: Both 1st 300 rounds, 60% A.P., 20% Incend.,
20% Tracer (Night)
Reminder 60% A.P., 20% Incend. 20% Tracer (Day).

Not really a realiable source but it seems that RAF only ever used AP, Inc, and Tracer rounds for their .303 Machine Guns.

Fighter apperently used a belt mix of 2xAP with 1xInc round, similiar to the French 7.5mm Stealth belt in-game or the current British .303 Belt that instead use these “incorrect” AP-I rounds.

Seems like that Russia, Italy and Germany were the only countries which used .30cal AP-I rounds but they also didn’t use dedicated Incendiary rounds.

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Thanks for bringing up the matter. Until today I didn´t know the rounds were basically rifle-rounds. Owning and shooting - obiously only FMJ - a post-war Enfield from 1954 I got personally interested at once :).

If anyone has any information. Know would be the time:


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