3 Purchases and not appearing in my game

I purchased 3 $69 vehicle packs on the web site 2 days ago. Immediately got the Gold Eagles but vehicles no where to be found, except I figured out how to use the wiki and open my vehicle in the game, but even then, can only ‘test drive’ and is no where else in the game. Opened. support tickets 2 days ago. I’m new to this game, do these guys actually make an effort to support this game? Oh and I’m running the game on a new Mac. Also, ran into this issue with 1 initial purchase, but logged out/in and it showed up. No such luck on these, log out, shut game, start game, log in, multiple times. Frustrasting

You have to wait for support to answer you. Yes, it takes at least 2 days and it is a weekend.

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Hello @Vickingoblaze,

Please have some patience as it is the weekend and wait for Gaijin support to respond to you. :)

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