3-bladed Spitfire's Propeller Animations broken for a decade

(apologies if this is the wrong area for this)

I can’t possibly be the only one to notice the odd flickering, stuttering propeller animation of all the 3-bladed Spitfire variants, the only exception is the Mk Ia.

It affects the IIa and “Venture I” premium, the IIb, the Vb & trop, and the Vc & trop. Again, the Mk Ia is strangely unaffected, and from the F Mk IX on the 4 and 5-bladed prop animations are also unaffected.

I’ve been playing WT since Open Beta, and as far back as I can remember, they’ve appeared this way. and before someone cites my hardware and system, its apparent in every YouTube vid out there, go see for yourself…

I’m sure this isn’t intentional and is certainly low-priority… but I would love to see this minor glitch finally nipped in the bud.

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You could try a bug report. Might be tricky to report though and I’d suggest getting into contact with the Tech mod for help

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