3.2.3 ban


Dear gaijin and people who working with them i would like to know after playing so many hours in your game and im talking about (over 7,000 hours) and spending over $3000 in your game.I have been blocked for 3.2.3 without any evidence or similar case to it. I’m playing this game since 2014 and it’s was my favourite game before this case. You have banned me , yeah okay I would understand that if I would use any kind forbiden software or Bots but “NO” I didnt and it’s sad. However I know you will not unban me because it will drop your reputation but if it’s goes like that you probably have False anticheat system or something similar to it. Only one thing i can add from my side it’s When people using Game Bugs to farm RP in Helicopter modes it’s OKAY or in SIM before the patch which came out after nearly 1 year. Checking the list of players from 10k of them i haven’t spotted people with nicknames who 100% used forbiden modification Flying in SIM battles or in RB tanks. So ass far i see technical support won’t help me and wont unban me because as i said “Reputation”.

Thank you for understanding and I would like to see proper answer from forum team regarding to my Topic.


You should contact support in this case as forum can’t resolve this.

I checked your last game in Vidar and personally I didn’t notice anything suspicious, but that’s just part of one game and if you trully didn’t cheat etc then there is a chance you will get your account back.

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Isn’t 3.2.3 racism / personal attacks?

That’s 3.2.10 I think

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Ah, I was looking at the old ruleset

We cannot help on our forum, sorry. Please contact directly with support, like other players said earlier.
https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us - click here, log in, send ticket with request. Support will be able to check your case and give you more details.