2S9 "Nona" -An unparalleled fire support platform

Would you like to have the 2S9 “Nona” implemented into the game?
  • Yes, as a tech-tree vehicle.
  • Yes, but as a premium.
  • Yes, but as an event vehicle.
  • Yes, but as a squadron vehicle.
  • Generic yes. (yes, but idk/idc where)
  • No.
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The 2S9 “Nona” ( [Новейшее Орудие Наземной Артилерии], English: [Newest Ordinance of Ground Artillery] ) Is a soviet airborne SPG, that has been in active service with many armed forces around the world, and fought in numerous conflicts since its introduction in 1981.

Basic description

Built with versatility and firepower in mind, the 2S9 “Nona” carries a unique 120mm gun-mortar, which enables it to conduct direct anti-tank fire support. Using HEAT-FS or APFSDS rounds it is able to penetrate up to 650mm rolled homogeneous Steel at 1000 meters. However the 2S9 “Nona” is only effective at direct fire support within a range of 800 meters, but it kan also fire the KM-8 Gran ATGM to extend the range against armoured targets.
When used for indirect fire, the 2S9 “Nona” can fire HE and smoke rounds up to 8.8 kilometres away, or launch rocket-assisted projectiles up to 12.8 kilometres, making the 2S9 “Nona” truly versatile at all ranges, with its unparalleled firepower.

To keep the 2S9 “Nona” light enough to be airdropped, the BTR-D was chosen as the chassis, giving the 2S9 “Nona” a maximum road speed of 60 kph, it also got to keep the amphibious ability of the BTR-D, giving the 2S9 “Nona” a swim speed of 9 kph. With that speed along with a range of 500 kilometres and a hp/t of 27.1 makes the 2S9 “Nona” a very light and manoeuvrable SPG.

As the 2S9 “Nona” primary is an airborne vehicle it is very lightly armoured, with 15 millimetres of aluminium-alloy all around, only being sufficient to stop light machine-gun fire, while the slope in the front can stop .50 cals. The vehicle is fully NBC and overpressure protected, it also has spall lining.
Because of the increased fire hazard caused by the magnesium content in the aluminium-alloy, all compartments are equipped with automatic FPE.

Technical specifications
Length: 6.02 meters
Height: 2.3 meters
Width: 2.63 meters
Weight: 8,700 kilograms (fully loaded)
Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, driver, loader)
Main armament: 2A51 120mm gun-mortar
Ammo stowage: 60 rounds
Power plant: 5D20 diesel engine 240 hp
Number built: 1000+

Performance specifications
Operational range: 500 kilometres
Top speed Ground/Water: 60/9 kph
Horsepower pr. tonne 27.1
Turret traverse: 70°
Gun elevation: -4° to +80°
Rate of fire: 10 rpm


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The 2S9 “Nona” would offer players a unique playing experience because of its gun.The vehicle offers excellent manoeuvrability, enabling the 2S9 “Nona” to change position quickly, or preform flanking manoeuvres early in the match, and ambushing high priority targets at close range. Many players including myself usually only use low velocity weapons at close ranges. It could be fun and challenging, especially for experienced players, to use a gun that can only fire high velocity munitions at close ranges. This would force you to try conducting indirect fire at long ranges; something we all have thought would be fun, but have always lacked the sentiment to try.


I’ve wanted the Nona for a long time, and I think it would be super fun to play with many different approaches to use! Does it have a machine gun anywhere? Wikipedia mentions a singular PKT, but I can’t see where it would be mounted. +1

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Easy +1 along with all of Russia’s other gun/mortar vehicles.

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+1, seems like a speedy blast!

Since the 2S9 (Nona on the S-120/BTR-D chassis) was originally designed for the VDV, the design was stripped from anything nonessential to the vehicle’s main purpose, to save weight.
However, some Nona weapons systems were also fitted to other army based vehicles, being the BTR-80, and the BMP-3, officially designated as 2S23, and 2S31 “Vena” respectively. These vehicles. Tho the gun is practically the same, the turrets of these vehicles are modified extensively, adding things like a commander’s cupola, and a PKMT machine gun for air defence.
I think Wikipedia has made a mistake in listing secondary calibres for uncommon variants in the main article.
I will fix that right away.

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Ah, thank you! That makes a lot of sense.


no apdsfs and 8.0-8.7 max. No need to go higher since it’s 2s25 territory. for higher br there’s the 2s31 vena.

from 24 to 60 for upgraded versions is more correct.

Yes, but gaijin would have to add variable propeller and IF they want to add KM-8 it needs drone and laser guidence because its not ATGM, it’s laser guided mortar round to accurately lay indirect fire and it doesnt work like 9M113 or RUBIN or any other laser guided ammunition (also it would probably have like 10mm of pen anyway)

I’ve found that initial velocity of HE round is 367 m/s so if 2s9 some how would land as rank 5 light tank with like 5kg of TNT it would be fun to do artiliery strikes with it and having HEAT round with 560 m/s and estimated 650mm of pen ain’t bad. Altough 367 m/s is faster than BMD-4/BMP-3 main HE it can be still viable, but if KM-8 is gonna be ATGM (which I doubt) it’s gonna be HE ATGM so like 8.0 would be good.

Here is the source, it’s not a book but it’s russian: https://topgun.rin.ru/cgi-bin/units.pl?field=8&unit=2070&mode=2&image_max=5&lng=eng

km-8 could be implemented as a regular guided munition, the laser rangefinder elevate the gun, it fires, and then you can redirect the flight path. Think of it as a laser guided MUC (from the ACRA).

Why would there not be any APFSDS? You have probably read the sources, right?

It’s a mortar carrier. They’re not expected to fight heavy armor head on.

it’s more for balancing reason and keeping it at a lower br. There’s already the 2s25 and 2s25m at 9.3 and 10.0.

I wouldn’t mind both a “classic” and modern variant. The classic variant would be well of with the HEAT round (really good pen), while the newer one could get the fancier ammunition and increased ammo stowage and whatnot.
Though I’m not sure the modern ammunition would bring much to the table compared to the HEAT-round that already exists. I couldn’t find anything on an APFSDS round though, got a source on it?

It’s not a mortar:
The 2S9 was designed with a very unique gun-mortar, to allow for both indirect and direct fire.

No, it was one of 2S9’s intended roles:
The 2S9 is an airborne support vehicle that gives VDV troops universal fire-support deep behind enemy lines. It was therefore expected to repel armoured counterattacks at short ranges, as well as take out high value targets with indirect fire.


KM-8 is not an ATGM, it is a guided mortar projectile and doesn’t have its own propulsion. Unlikely to be useable or useful in-game as it is a new weapon type and the minimum range is 1.5km.
But +1 nonetheless, could be fun around 7.3/7.7 along with the similar 2S23 Nona-SVK and dramatically upgraded 2S31 Vena

The 2S23 is the same turret on a BTR-80 chassis, so a bit more mobile and more ammo stowage and probably foldered at .3 higher BR.
The 2S31 uses a longer 120 with more ammo options (still no ATGMs or AP) and is fully stabilized with thermal optics on a BMP-3 chassis, more 8.3-8.7 material. Some also mounted Shtora which could be interesting to see


I understand why people are upset that I called KM-8 an ATGM. Sorry : (

And yes, I am aware that some less common vehicles use the same weapons system on a different hull like 2S23 and 2S31. I do think however, that mainly based on their low production numbers that are also vastly overshadowed by 2S9’s production numbers, it is unlikely that Gaijin decides to add them to the game. Unless they are used as an excuse to add another soviet premium tank of course.