2S6 too low BR

It’s not me. Any TV GBU can do that.

It used to be super crazy, but after the induced drag changes (the same ones, if you may remember, that drastically lowered a lot of missile’s ranges) it can’t do this anymore. It’s still quite good though, from just testing at similar conditions (GBU-8, 5.5km alt, ~mach 1) it goes around 25km (but the last couple km it was just nosediving, so not useful). But certainly no longer 30km+ throws unless you put in more effort.

Back when Strela was not 10.0 I did consider Rolands to 10.0, but yeah Rolands are stuck at 10.3 now.
And 2S6 is still best at 10.7 as 10.7 CAS is extremely powerful.