2S38 missing hydro pneumatic suspension


As most of us know, 2S38 is based on BMP-3’s chassis but a few things we see in BMP-3 is missing on 2S38 like the hydro pneumatic suspension controls which we find on BMP-3 to incline forward or backward.

Is this something that doesn’t exist on 2S38, or is it lack of information?

Also, the angle that BMP-3 and BMD-4 can perform is right?


Like this BMD-4M with crazy backwards angle incline that doesn’t seems to be found on BMD-4 in game.

I only saw evidence of BMD4, do you have evidence of BMP3?


The BMD-4 already has this in-game. I do not believe the BMP-3 ever did.

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Only early production BMP-3 series had variable clearance

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Unfortunately no,

But as @_Fantom2451 mentioned, only the early version has hydro pneumatic suspension control,

Which solves the question about this topic.

Also, it means that the BMP-3 in game is the early, which explains the reason why the missile takes so long to load,

In case of the 2S38, uses a modern version of the chassis, same that we find on BMP-3M:


If you take a look on the transmission sprocket we can recognize that’s the same on 2S38 just as reference.

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