2S38 auto loader in test drive

When I was test driving the 2S38 I noticed that its auto loader has 147 (or something close to that) shells. Is this intentional? I read the change log and I didn’t find anything regarding this. I don’t have the vehicle purchased so I can’t check it out in a battle. Does anyone else have this?


i have it too, tested it in battles and it is pretty much op, new model doesnt change gamplay alot if you get shot youre dead just like before anyways

All of the ammunition found on the 2S38 is now considered apart of the ready rack and I’d assume this is a way to counter the big nerf it received. This was also present in the developer server so it is probably intentional.


It’s supposed to be infinite belt. It’s inaccessible by the crew anyway
Can’t reload it with clips like a cv90

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Which nerf?
Don´t forget that 2s38 got the double-belt-mechanic but has an autoloader therefore single-belt-mechanic. You can see 3 pre-loaded shells, but if you press the button for another shell it`s the very next round in the chamber.

It is not intentional, in fact is historical accurate.

Currently, the Bajkal (or Baikal) doesn’t stowage ammo outside the carousel. So this is it.

Apparently, only the T-15 Armata (HIFV) have this limited ammo stowage, I don’t know exactly but seems to be around 20 rounds.


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It is actually 148 rounds counting with one in the breech.

Forgot to add: I may be wrong but it seems to be 46 rounds before the cannon stops shooting due overheating.

That autoloader is correct.
However due to ammo size, it’s more nerfed than buffed.
Especially since first stage only mattered against trigger happy anti-air players, and not against tanks.

The ready rack size doesn’t really matter as it filled stupidly fast anyway.

What does matter is that when the gun overheats, the fire rate is only slowed down marginally.

It should be like other guns where they stop working when they overheat, but this one doesn’t for some reason

Does it at least overheat?

Sort of. It heats up and loses maaaybe 1/4 of its fire rate but the gun never stops unlike every other gun I think?

Smells like a bug tbh.

Oh yeah a bug, surely.

2S38 can empty it’s entire supply, 150 rounds, of 57mm without overheating.

Begleit can only shoot 48 rounds of 57mm before it’s ready rack is empty.
Puma can shoot about 50 rounds of 30mm before overheating.
Russian 30mm can shoot about 80 rounds of 30mm before overheating.
British 20mm can shoot about 60 rounds of 20mm before overheating.
Japanese 35mm can only shoot 35 rounds before it’s ready rack is empty.
Japanese 25mm can shoot 65 rounds before overheating out of a 100 round belt.



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Now imagine the amount of friction inside soviet gun?