2S1: The Blast Blossom

The first massively produced SPG, the Soviet 2S1, comes to the game in the upcoming War Thunder update!

2S1 Gvozdika,SPG, USSR, rank IV


  • 122mm howitzer
  • HEAT rounds
  • Lightly armored


The development of a new self-propelled gun for the Soviet army was based on the well-proven D-30 howitzer and the chassis of the MT-LB multipurpose amphibious towing vehicle. The D-30 towed howitzer was modified to be placed in the SPG turret, the MT-LB chassis was lengthened by adding a wheel pair to improve the driving performance and increase the room of the fighting compartment. After a year of testing, the vehicle was put into service in September 1970 under the designation 2S1 Gvozdika. Serial production of the SPG continued until 1991. The vehicle was produced in the USSR, as well as in Bulgaria and Poland under license. The 2S1 is still in service with the armies of many countries of the world.

The 2S1 Gvozdika (Russian for ‘carnation’) self-propelled gun will be added to the game with the release of the upcoming War Thunder major update. The 2S1 is built on a modified chassis of the “workhorse” of the Soviet army, the MT-LB multi-purpose towing vehicle. Weathered commanders are well acquainted with this chassis: dynamic, good for rough terrain, although very lightly armored and with a low reverse speed. The Gvozdika’s top speed is 60 km/h on paved roads, but the average off-road speed rarely exceeds 30-35 km/h.

Download Wallpaper:

The new self-propelled gun is armed with an adopted 122mm howitzer of the D-30 family, armed with HE and up to 5 HEAT rounds. The former is good at destroying light and medium vehicles, while the HEAT shaped-charge comes in handy against heavy tanks and self-propelled guns with conventional steel armor. Due to the long rifled part of the barrel, the gun is comfortable to shoot over medium and medium-long distances. A large, but expected drawback is the meager declination angle of the gun.

The 2S1 armor is only bulletproof, so the self-propelled gun is exposed to autocannons and forward-facing aircraft weapons with armor-piercing belts. It would be wise for the commander to change positions frequently and use the relatively small silhouette of the Gvozdika for ducking into the terrain.

The 2S1 Gvozdika will appear in the hangars of War Thunder in the next major game update - stay tuned to our devblogs to be the first to know about the news!

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IS-6 Pack
IS-6 Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • Tank IS-6 (USSR, Rank IV)
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it is a reasonable addition since they lack a tier 4 light vehicle cries in german low tier lack of light tanks, but i hope that this is it for once for russia, maybe 1 mid tier aircraft as well, but they got more then enough stuff in recent patches

Yeah, kinda my point. I dont mind them filling in gaps. but at the moment russia seems to get 5 or 6 vehicles for every 1 that Britain gets, with the exception of the US, most other nations fair similarly. Would be good for them to just skip Russia and US for a patch or 2 and actually fill in the voids other nations have for a change. 6.3 ish SPAA for Britain maybe?


Or maybe be sensible and pledge to at least add a similar number of vehicles to every nation in every major update. Then extras in minor updates.
Any new mechanic they wanna add? Add it to every nation for whom it is possible, or to none at all.
They added optical lock for ground vehicles in USSR, Germany, and USA. Okay, where’s the rest?

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Gib Japan top tier AA already


sweden, french, italy has them as well

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i hope they add the plz89 for china, and maybe they can finally give their m109 to the us. Pretty sure russia doesn’t need this one tho.

German self-propelled Gvozdika past, right? Well, as always, nothing new, further please

Yeah, that would be the sensible option


Panzerhaubitze 2000 when?

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Nice idea but never going to happen. There use to be updates back on the day where britain and japan would miss out on new content completely in updates and others where they would get a single vehicle or a copy paste while the top 3 got the rest. You can see it by looking at the tree sizes remembering the original 5 nations have been in the game the same time. Britain could easily be the same size as any of the top 3 nations and has no lack of content to add. Japan on the other hand have some difficulties.

i realy hope you dont include germany in that one, mistreated since some time as well


I guess its badly needed since russian TT is almost forgotten and gets almost no attention :)


With how few additions they seem to get. Id complain

We might even see an M109 / M107 based platform at some point.

Didn’t know that. I assume in France it’s the new VBCI right?


i definitely do. they get event vehicles consistently, almost always a top tier event vehicle. get ww2 vehicles still while britain took years without a ww2 vehicle ( the skink). they get vehicles they have no place getting but because some guy with a german name saw one once thats good enough (concept 3, Hunter, JaPz.K A2). 13 leopards. about 90 premium\event\sqn vehicles in naval they get heavy cruisers 3 months before anyone else, a year before the brits got one 30+ years its senior at the same battle rating for months but also got it as a premium copy too. then they got a ocket battleship graf spee 4 months before britain got a real heavy cruiser that could compete with hipper and then they had to wait 8 more months before brits or anyone got a battleship to compete with graf spee.

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No one ask for this sh