2S1 "amphibiouless"

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I’ve recently started playing with the 2S1 and I’ver discover that it’s not amphibious.


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It requires preparings for swiming IRL


Such is the case for BMPs as well, same goes for the M113s and especially the Ka-Mi, yet they can swim :/

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Could be, but there’s no option or modification for that.

M113s can’t swim anymore? Gaijin got rid of that I thought. Also, the M551 cannot swim, even though it was amphibious IRL. Also, technically the Ka-Mi could float without the floats, just not on rough seas. BMPs are Russian. That’s my answer.

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Could he, I remember the M163 at the very least used to be able to.

It isn’t anymore. Also made a couple of edits you should prob. check out.

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BMP 1 n 2 are amphibious. I’ve checked in a test drive right now.

Obviously they are, but what I meant to say is that IRL they require some preparations before floating, which they don’t have to do in game.