2M-3 MT-LB : the 4m tall Frankenstein tank

The war has bring us a strange mish mash of military equipment. I found this russian improvised technical. A old naval 2M-3 25mm anti air mount on a MTLB.

2M-3 info:

Vertical traverse 70 degrees per second Horizontal traverse 40 degrees per second.

Each gun has 300rpm fire rate. With -10 depression and +85 elevation.

Shell has 900 m/s muzzle velocity and weighs 281g.

Gun mount is only 1515 kg light!

It will also be very useful if it gets scouting :)



1494944599_imaes(1).jpg.411283a997aeb6a7 693085663_mtlb2m3(1).jpg.5670ae40340e765 2117586895_images(1).jpg.732fb9ce887f8ad imagepsd66_50c.jpg.249d61b28f5389da5d0c1

how is this vehicle feeling?
  • Goofy
  • actually maybe useful
  • gonna topple over
  • trash
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want to play?
  • Yes in tech tree
  • Yes, implemented in other ways
  • Nah
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What br?
  • 3.0-4.0
  • 4.0-5.0
  • 5.0-6.0
  • 6.0-7.0
  • 7.0-8.0
  • dont want
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You should made a suggestion about that on the “green” part of the forum.

I wish, but I just dont have that amount of time for research and stuff. You can make a suggestion if you want.

This is an unnecessary thing, MTLB has an official version installed with anti-aircraft guns

I dont care about necessary, it is gonna be fun to play.


I mean, there are better options. MTLB comes with variants for installing 25mm guns and 23mm guns

for example, these


I can’t see it having much of a place in the tech tree, lacks firepower vs armour, lacks accuracy vs aircraft.

But it would make a decent Event reward. It’s ‘good enough’ without being better than a tree equivalent designed for the same roles, and if you missed the reward you wouldn’t feel like you are losing on a unique vehicle as long as the snail bought in a proper MT-LB gun carrier.

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With the new event system this would be pretty easy to implement and would be funny too. It’s not like we would be wasting an event on something dumb since there’s a new one all the time now

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no one will add this until war is over.


Who said so? Cant be certain about the unknown.

Most of you are missing the point. This would be a amazing meme machine.

Gaijin doesn’t want any political scandals, related to adding any vehicle fighting in Ukraine

The game already has plenty of vehicles that are fighting in Ukraine on both sides.

The concern is more about vehicles seen only in Ukraine and nowhere else, the MT-LB 2M-3 being a prime example with no pics away from the battlefield /border which would make it far less problematic.

Note that these improvised IFVs were reportedly modified in Vladivostok for the 155th Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet which would go some way to explain the odd combination. Unfortunately there seems to be nothing available of their testing or training in the Far East.

T-90M already fighting in Ukraine. Invalid reason for gaijin.

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