"281ª Squadriglia Aerosiluranti" coats of arms

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" 281ª Squadriglia Aerosiluranti".



The 281st and 278th were two aeronautical squadrons born during the Great War. As soon as the Second World War began, the two squadrons were the first to use modern torpedo bombers of the S.M.79 type and carried out many actions against Allied naval convoys, causing a more than modest amount of damage to enemy convoys. The 278th squadron was disbanded after the events of 8 September 1943, while the 281st was integrated into the departments of the Italian Cobelligerent Air Force and continued its work as a bombing squadron with English Baltimore aircraft until the end of the conflict, when it too was dissolved.

The coats of arms.

The coats of arms of the squadron is composed of a torpedo inclined at 45° downwards facing left with 4 cats above it, two of which are white and two black placed consecutively and alternating the colors of the felines. Below this symbol there is the name of the squadron, or “281^ Sq. Aerosiluranti” or “278° Sq. Aerosiluranti”, and above all there is the writing “Pauci sed semper immites”, or “Few but always aggressive”.

Pictures and drawnings.





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I believe this is already in the game?

The one in the game is about the 278a Squadriglia.

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