27mm Akan of the JAS39

hey there! i need a few OPINIONS.
i lately have the feeling that my grippens gun… well doesnt exist anymore… i have the feeling that only 1 out of 5 strives even makes damage… maybe 1 out of 8 actually killing the enemy… no lets not talk about the gun performance; i am asking you and seek your help and guidence in wich ammo type actually sucks the least! does anyone have some funny math on it? can you give me advice on this specific gun? because rn i feel like its simply not worth it anymore to shoot the enmy, get multiple crits on the enemy… just for him to get snacked by someone elses missile…

its basically just a copy of the BK27 of the Tornados right? I remember doing pretty well with default or AP belts on it but that was before and during the odd changes of realshatter, and I haven’t used that gun more recently

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To me, air targets or stealth seem the best. Stealth isn’t actually harder to see than the normal belts because all of the high tier Swedish guns don’t have tracer rounds.