27ER Stealth Nerf?

I’m not talking about the changes to the missiles which came with the last major patch as I was flying and using them fine on the SMT. But as of today the 27ER seems to be no better than the 7F on my F-4S lol… it has no range/energy, can’t turn, paths weird and just generally cannot make the shots I was making with it just yesterday. It failed to hit a Tornado IDS flying straight at me at 4.5k altitude when launched from 25km out… He didn’t even try to evade.

What’s going on here? Did I miss some major changes to this missile today?


Noticed it as well. Fired an ER at 31km’s and it was completely out of energy after just half the distance, it also had extremely weird pathing - going up and down, left and right, wobbling etc. Felt like I was looking at an AIM-7E back from 2020.


I played Flarakrad yesterday and wasn’t able to make the missile to hit even straigh flying jets. It appeared just to be out of enery, even at 4km it felt like a aim-9b in its final flight stage. No G overload and tumbling back and forth. Maybe Gajin messing around with drag modifiers in general or something similar.


Felt the same way, the R-27ER seems to suddenly having weird wobbling trajectory sometimes, yet it can keep a good tracking and hit in other occasions. It seems to be very random. In some cases R-27er also seems to pull too hard right after launch and then can’t turn enough onto the target and then miss.

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Weird, I got some pretty wild shots two days ago with em in RB

Fired at ~40km 10km alt, heading left, lose lock because they notch. Switch to another target ~40km away, but heading right, missile makes a 90 degree turn and still has plenty of energy to nail him

I think it might be a bug.Almost all SARH missiles have this issue.For example I fired a AIM-7F at a mig 23 which was 8 km away from me.He wasn’t even turning yet the missile went on a weird trajectory which eventually made it miss the target.

Pretty sure theres some major radar guidance issues this update but I havent found “proof” or anything consistent atm.

AIM-54C’s have been utter trash this update as well, and this is coming from someone who was consistently getting roughly 50-75% hitrates with them prior to the update. Multiple other players independent of myself have reported similar issues

So it looks like its not only the AIM-7M. Its affecting all missiles then.
The Sparrows are so bad since the update I had to start using 6x AIM9 instead.
Something must be wrong with all radar missiles I guess. Gonna try the Mig-29 tonight and see.

Very possible, I havent done excessive testing or anything, nor have I played a ton since this update, but one of the main reasons for that has been how shit radar missiles have felt, and like I said, multiple ppl are bringing it up independent of myself.

I’ve also heard “I’ve switched to 6 AIM-9’s” and other similar statements regarding replacing radar missiles in loadouts pretty commonly since the update, and I myself have more often than not been running 4x9L + 2x7M + 2x54C instead of my usual 2/2/4 loadout because I have literally 0 confidence in radar missiles anymore

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Sparrow guidance was already bad before the update but now it’s unusable. It misses the simplest kills.

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from IR to SARH, every type of missile seems having difficulties. Proxy fuze do not trigger, Multipathing goes weird or outright missile refuses to track the target. I had couple of accidental TKs as well. launch on a bandit, sidewinder goes for the teammate instead…

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i noticed that r27er/r cant hit even flying straight targets or slightly maneuvering.
I came back after 1 month break and noticed it


same thing is happening with all missiles