2 Suggestions for when MRM with AHR seekers are added

  1. Multipath for radar missiles.

The way that multipath is currently implemented is very exaggerated. You could be flying 100m above the ground and the missile will miss. Not to mention it is unrealistic. Basically every radar missile since AIM-7F/M had this problem fixed, and its almost entirely removed on late radar missiles like AIM-120/R77.

  1. Remove 16v16

Its just chaos, with each plane having an average of 6 missiles, some having more, few having less. And missiles becoming more and more deadly. There’s over 100 missiles in the game. And when more FOX-3 type missiles are added. Everyone’s going to be dead in seconds. If 16v16 is removed and instead we had 10v10 or 8v8. I think the games would be a lot more fun and theres more opportunity for one player to clutch the game and win it. My proof is the “Severe Damage” test event. Those games were 6v6 and 8v8 and were incredibly fun.