2 naval matches hours apart have same two humans players


I don’t know if this is bug or coincidence but i played two naval battles with the same roster.
Both matches where 16 vs 16 with both teams having 1 human player and rest Gaijin controlled bots.
I don’t know 100% sure if the other player was alive since he did not respond, but he has player card.
Both matches where about 4 hours apart from each other

When i look in Streams&Replays i cannot find any of the two matches(for me or the other player) but i do have the local ones. And for the other player it show him not playing naval for days.
Also it seemed like the bots did not target or fire at me or the other player.

Glitch in the Matrix?
I can upload replay on request.

Session ID:
Match 1: 1324d3400009621
Match 2: 1321e45003f7c90

I forgot to make clear it was the same other player in both matchs.

Were you matching BR 7.3? A.K.A. 7.0 ship with 7.3 aircraft to make a 7.3 naval lineup.


Naval 7.3 is known broken (ever since ship BR goes to 7.0), don’t play it if you want a normal match.

Thanks for the quick reaction, did not know that and will adjust my line-up asap.

o7 ;)

There’s a known bug on the server replays page where a lot of the Gaijinbot-heavy naval games show up on the “Newbie Battles” tab by mistake. Your two battles are probably there if you look.

Looking there, I’m betting you were talking about these two:


Yes, that were the two battles. Nice to know that they were “misplaced” by the system :)