1st USA ground premium?

Hello. New player here. Hopefully not totally worthless for my teams - but for sure i sometimes feel like this.

I’m quite struggling with SL’s these days. Have more tanks researched than bought.

I’m thinking about some kind of premium tank to speed up the process.

So far i completed every US tank up to BR 5.3 . Keeping my pace, getting the crews better, trying to learn the game. What kind of prem would should i think about? Of course im asking about 3rd or max 4th era stuff, im still a newbie and shoudnt ruin other peoples games by trying to play high BR premium tank i have no idea about and no lineup to support.

For rank 3, m18 isnt bad and works well for if you lile flanking. The t14 is also workable.

For rank 4, t29 is probably the best. T28 is a fun td if you prefer a slower playstyle.

This is just from the ones i have played. I dont think i should comment on the premiums that i dont have.


Generaly, if you purely want to focus on silver lions, i would rather recommend naval ships there is some great printers.
As well as planes. Some premium planes are super easy to use when focusing on base bombing give a lot of silver lions. For US you wiuld research air on top which could help your line up. That being said no idea for US whoch would be best.

For germany its the classic Ju 288C and more recently which disgusts me the monstrosity of the tornado wtd whixh are excellent to print silver lions

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Playing what your most comfy in is best.


Buy M46 Tiger. It is a very balanced MBT.


I’d highly recommend the T29. It’s the best premium period IMO. A bit higher than what you have currently, but the playstyle of 7.0 is pretty similar to 5.3 and the T29 is an incredibly easy to learn and forgiving vehicle. It’s got great RP and SL bonuses, works well solo, and has a great lineup that you’ll get to in no time. Plus, as a pack, it comes with a week of premium and 1000ge, which can be spent on a talisman for your favourite vehicle (giving it the premium RP bonus) or put towards another great premium such as the M46, which is an excellent pairing with the T29.

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Thank you all for the advice.

I decided to buy M18 Black Cat. The good thing is, i now know how spotting works ;) What is more - i am literally forced to learn how and where to flank.
The bad thing is, that in Arcade Battles usually a milisecond of being “spotted” by the 1 centimeter of enemies turret behind the hill makes me visible as well.

After next paycheck i’ll think about T29 - loved T29/T34/T32 in WoT. And it would be very nice to have some armor while playing the US line. So far only in 105 Jumbo i felt like i wont explode if enemy looks in my general direction.

OFFTOP - is there a way i can do something like checking my stats? Just to know how am i doing so far?